Why does a prostate massage provide so much pleasure?

Today, more and more men are curious about the secret pleasures linked with the prostate. While you may have heard about it, and are no doubt curious to give it a try, you may be wondering how a bit of ass play can be pleasurable for a guy. Of course, it has long been known that women can experience immense pleasure during anal stimulation, but the reason behind the pleasure for men is completely different and far less psychological.

By reading this article, you will learn the following:

• Why does prostate massage feel so good?
• How does prostate stimulation result in such a powerful orgasm?
• How to get the most out of your prostate play
• Health benefits of using male anal massage toys.

During the male orgasm, there are a number of things that happen at the same time. The prostate gland releases seminal fluid, which it has been storing for just this moment. It then combines with the release of sperm from the testicles, and is them pumped out by a combination of muscles from the prostate and through the penis. This combination of actions is what results in the male orgasm.

During your orgasm, you likely feel intense pleasure inside your body. It’s common for a guy who is having intercourse to thrust deep into his partner and maintain motionless during much of the orgasm. The majority of the good feeling comes from the process of constriction taking place in the prostate, as well as the amount and consistency of the fluid coursing through the penis.

This is why the prostate orgasm feels so good. The stimulation of the prostate gland helps to enhance what you are already feeling “inside.” During stimulation, the prostate produces more fluid. This excess fluid helps to produce a more powerful orgasm as it is forced from the prostate and combined with the sperm.

If you really want to enhance the pleasure gained from the process, there are a few things you can do to enhance the “wow” factor:

• Use a lot of lubricant to help you get started
• Apply a firm but gentle pressure to the prostate during the orgasm, increasing the amount of time spent cumming
• Use male prostate toys. They are medically designed to allow for proper insertion and the most effective stimulation of your prostate gland

Don’t use a toy designed for women, as it will not provide the proper stimulation and smaller vibrators can actually get lodged inside. A male oriented prostate massage toy will have a safety mechanism that prevents it from plummeting deep inside of your anus.

Are there health benefits to the process? There sure are! By stimulating your prostate you help to remove the excess build up of fluid that takes place between orgasms. While simply masturbating can help to reduce the amount of “stale” fluid in the prostate, the best way to completely clear it out is by milking the prostate with proper stimulation.

While prostate stimulation is great alone, you may also want to talk to your partner about it. Many women are actually interested in practicing the art with their husband or boyfriend, but they are afraid to ask. Simply let her know that you are interested in giving it a try, because you have heard of all of the wonderful benefits.

If you are lucky enough, your partner will learn to stimulate you from the inside, resulting in the best orgasm you could ask for. If you knew all of this, you probably would have started the habit of prostate massage long ago.