Pocket Pussies Make Pleasure Simple Again

Mangasm Easy Relief

The easiest way to get off!

Mangasm Pocket Rocket

Features 47 raised pleasure nodules

Mangasm Quickie

Experience the award winning design

Mangasm DSRV

Life-sized vagina weighs nearly 7 pounds!

Stamina Training Unit

Train yourself to last longer in bed

Pocket Pussies: Making Pleasure Simple Again

You are probably here today because you were searching for something to make your alone time a little more interesting. Jerking off with your hand can get boring, but a lot of male sex toys are big, bulky, difficult to use, and expensive! That's why pocket pussies are the right choice for a lot of guys who just want pleasure to be simple again. We've taken the traditional idea of the pocket pussy and improved it by leaps and bounds. How? Read on!

Our three models of pocket pussies each stimulate your penis in new and unexpected ways. The Mangasm Pocket Rocket is larger than a traditional pocket pussy and totally envelopes your cock in a thick sleeve containing 47 nodules that will heighten your sensations with every up and down motion. The Mangasm Easy Relief pocket pussy features 2 distinct internal patterns designed to stimulate different parts of your penis. Finally, the Mangasm Quickie, our newest model, is designed with such a deep internal spiral pattern that its something you have to FEEL to believe!

And don't forget - we stock more than just pocket pussies. For fans of the rubber pussy, we also make an entire line of realistic vaginas and carry the world famous Fleshlight too - a type of rubber pussy or pocket pussy that has sold over 3 MILLION units. So - we all know that a new adult toy can increase the level of pleasure in our lives. It's just a matter of picking which type of pocket pussy is right for you! So watch the demo videos, take a look around, and place an order. You'll be glad you did.

Pocket pussies aren't your thing?

Check out our selection of Fleshlights & Mangasm prostate stimulation tools.

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