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Which Butt Plug Is Right For You?

1.Mangasm Butt Plugs: Your Key To Pleasure

The Mangasm Male Pleasure System offers a set of butt plugs different from all others. If you were just looking for an average anal dildo or anal plug – you may have come to the wrong place. What we offer here is something different - something truly unique in the world of male sex toys: better orgasms. We are able to offer men better orgasms not by selling them an average set of anal beads, but by selling prostate stimulators. It′s only through prostate stimulation that men can truly and safely enjoy anal play.

2.How Does The Mangasm System Work?

What many men do not know is that they do, in fact, have a g spot. Prostate stimulation with a small anal dildo, anal vibrator, or butt plug is the only way to reach that secret spot and to enjoy the explosive orgasms that result. An average male orgasm produces about 5-7 muscle contractions, and 1/2 a teaspoon of semen. But a male orgasm that occurs while using a Mangasm butt plug products double the number of muscle contractions and double to TRIPLE the quantity of semen. It may not sound like a lot but ask any man who has experienced a mind blowing male g spot orgasm and he′ll tell you that normal orgasms are boring on comparison. So if you are ready for a new experience and want to feel better than you′ve ever felt before, click here to get started! We promise that what you buy from us won′t be your average anal vibrator!

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