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Performance VX2 Pump
Performance VX2 Pump
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Material Plastic, TPR
Texture Smooth
Satefy Features Quick-Release Valve
Powered by N/A
Functions Gauge, Manual-Powered Suction
Special Features Built-In Gauge
Toy Size 12” x 2.55”
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Performance VX2 Pump

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93% of 100
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Measure Up To Greatness
The Performance VX2 Pump puts the power of penis enhancement at your fingertips. In addition to watching your erection grow inside the clear cylinder, you’ll be able to watch the pressure dial move with every squeeze of the two-finger trigger pump. Whether you’re pumping for endurance, enhanced sex or simply your own pleasure, this well-made pump has everything you need: a soft, tight entrance sleeve, one-handed pumping capability and a quick-release trigger when you’re ready to put your results to good use in the bedroom. 

Find Your Sweet Spot
Every pump user has a point where they experience their best erection, and with the built-in dial on the Performance VX2 Pump, you’ll be able to pinpoint it the first time and every time after. This precise data lets you get the most out of your pumping sessions, ensuring better sex and satisfaction.

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