Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight

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$99.95 $84.95

Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight

MaterialRealistic Cyberskin
TextureVariable With Different Sleeves
Safety FeaturesSimple & Fast To Clean
Powered byYour Arm!
Special FeaturesDiscreet Storage Case
Toy SizeOuter Case: Length: 9” Width: 3.5”

Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight

This Bud’s For You

11 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$99.95 $84.95

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Product Details

Tiny Rosebud Dinger Wringer
This Fleshlight was meticulously molded from Stoya’s award winning ass and so faithfully reproduced that even Stoya herself was surprised. Her supertight, forbidden, little rosebud is the ultimate dinger wringer.

Unique Stoya Internal Texture
Stoya helped to design the interior texture of her Fleshlight and as you can see, its quite different from all other Fleshlights. If you’ve seen her films, you’d know she knows a little something about how to please a cock.

Don’t Forget To Lube Up
Proper lubrication is absolutely essential to enjoying your Fleshlight. Trying to enter a Fleshlight without proper lube would be like packing a 600 pound man into an airplane seat – just ain’t gunna happen. So don’t forget to pick up some lube along with your Fleshlight!

Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight Reviews
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by 11 Users
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Yeah, the hole is tight. It's just that part of having a great anal f*ck is squeezing deliciously smooth ass cheeks. You don't get that with this.

By CMNS, Michigan

Absolutely no complaints.

By kolled, N Carolina

I don't mind that there are some that would think that I'm a "dirty old man" now that I've had a chance to shove my penis into a young thing's firm rectum. The experience was worth it.

By doc4978, USA

Fleshlight has lived up to its reputation again. Great product.

By Brian DG, LA

What an experience. F*cking Stoya's ass. Probably not nearly as good as the real thing. Still I'm happy because it's as close as I'm ever going to get.

By david2000, California

I'm your standard and a somewhat stereotypical boring accountant right down to my sharply creased tan slacks and starched shirts. I'm the type of guy you'd never think would use something like this. It's not something I'd boast about at the office. But this product is so good I had to share my experience and recommendation. I don't know who Stoya is. I do know that this product felt good and tight on my penis and made me orgasm very quickly.

By mario_a, Missouri

I can now say I f*cked an ass. And not just any ass. Sotya's ass! She's my absolute favorite smut star.

By raydp, Washington

It's got what looks like an impossibly tight ass pucker that I put lots of lube on before I shoved the thing over my cock. I used so much that I was dripping it everywhere, and probably didn't need that much. One great experience.

By tomswe, Indiana

I'm glad I got to screw Stoya's ass. It was fun and I'm looking forward to when I get to do it again.

By vogel90, New York

Gave the right combination of squish and squeeze.

By dahlgren_m, Texas

My girlfriend's not much into anal so I got this toy. Great product. I don't know if it's really modeled after Stoya's tight ass or if it's just marketing. Didn't make a difference for me.

By johnny604, Miami
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