Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz

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Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz

Safety Features Hypo-allergenic, latex-free
Powered by3 batteries (included)
Special FeaturesFor men and women
Toy SizeLength: 4.5", Width: 1.24"

Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz

A Versatile G-Spot Vibe

15 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$64.95 $49.95

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Product Details

Effective Small Female OR Male G-Spot Toy
The Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz is an extremely effective g-spot toy for both women who want to find their g-spot, and those women who know where it is but want to have some fun with it! Also, it can function as a male g-spot toy as well - stimulating your man’s prostate! The Buzz is made from medical grade silicone which is the easiest to clean and most hygienic out of all sex toy materials. It comes with a high quality removable bullet that you simply insert into the bottom of the toy. Click it on, and vibration is transferred to your most sensitive spot. The angled tip was placed at the exact point where over 80% of women are known have their g-spot. An added benefit of this toy is that since the bullet is removable, you're actually getting two toys in one. The removable small bullet is powerful, easily transportable and very discreet!

Use It With Your Man
As we mentioned above, this can also be used for male g-spot stimulation. His G-spot is actually his prostate. Just use a lot of lube and put this up his bum.... he might resist at first but he’ll thank you later. We promise! Make sure to add some toy cleaner to your order for an ultra-safe experience.

Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz Reviews
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Definitely worth the price. Another top quality toy from Ladygasm.

By Ayogirl230, Washington

Great used internally or externally, although for some the vibrations might not be quite strong enough. There is a removable bullet vibe in the base that causes the vibrations, and it can even be used on its own if you’re in the mood.

By Creepellah, Los Angeles

Excellent vibrator, made of medical grade silicone. Definitely worth the price as it will last a long time if cared for properly.

By Rossie, Pacific

Fantastic! Ladygasm does it again! A high quality vibrator that really knows how to treat a lady right! On the top of my toy list now!

By Kira, LA

It’s a great toy with many uses, from g-spot stimulation to anal play. A fairly small toy, but certainly gets my juices flowing!

By meowkitty61, florida

Great vibrator with the bullet in place, but if you take it out it becomes a regular dildo that’s great to ring in the bath or shower. While it’s not a big toy, the angles and bulging shapes on the shaft create awesome sensations, and it’s very versatile.

By lslsls9, Pennsylvania

All I can say is wow! I’ve used so many g-spot toys with complicated buttons and weird attachments, and none of them have delivered an orgasm like the Buzz did. A bit pricey, but it’s made of medical grade silicone which is completely body-safe and even hypoallergenic. It’s also really smooth, so insertion is easy – especially with a bit of lube.

By sexytileena, Dallas

The vibrations are not the most intense I’ve experienced since they’re created by a bullet vibe at the base of the toy, but that doesn’t even seem to matter. I’m in orgasm heaven with the Buzz!

By ingrid58, TX

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense g-spot vibe, the Buzz is your guy! Soft, smooth and angled just right for optimum pleasure.

By Kissy, Detroit

I’ve had this toy for over a year now and have recommended it to all my girlfriends. Not only is it great for reaching the g-spot, you can hold it against you clit for good vibrations, or even use it anally. The large base makes it safe for anal play, and the vibrations are a nice touch. I really love using this toy in my anus, and then using my favorite dildo in my vag – if you’ve never tried double penetration, it’s seriously about time!

By Rika, kentucky

A bit steep in the cost department, but more than worth it. It delivers nice vibrations and the angled tip hits just the right spot

By roskat, North

The Buzz is shaped to hit exactly on your g-spot, and rock your world. With an angled tip and bulging shaft, it’s sure to hit all the right spots to lead you to an intense orgasm. A removable bullet vibe inserted in the bottom of the toy allows the toy to vibrate on 5 different settings, and it’s got an easy-to-grip handle to make using this toy even easier.

By Crissy1988, PA

Made of medical grade silicone, the Ladygasm Buzz is made to hit directly on the g-spot, and it sure does deliver on that promise. There are 5 different vibration settings and at least one of them is sure to leave you in orgasm heaven. Because of the wide base, it can also be a great toy for anal play. Just remember to wash the toy really well before using it in the vagina again.

By SydneyScreams, Florida

It’s not the biggest g-spot toy in my collection, but it really hits the spot. One of my most intense g-spot orgasms was had with this baby.

By lzee, Moscow

The vibrations are good, and the angle and shape of the toy do feel good inside. I just wish it was a bit thicker and possibly a big longer, as size really is very important to me.

By Tbanda, USA
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