Life Like Curve Stroker

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Life Like Curve Stroker

Safety FeaturesN/A
Powered byYour hand
FunctionsSuper Stroker
Special FeaturesPhthalate Free, Single Entry
Toy SizeLength: 6.00" Width: 2.00"

Life Like Curve Stroker

Turns Hard Wood Into Soft Meat

26 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$39.95 $24.95

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Product Details

A Tender Trap
The Lifelike Curve Stroker didn’t get that name by accident. She’ll latch onto you so tightly your eyes will pop open. And she won’t ever let you go - unless you suddenly become a lot smaller. Which could happen in a matter of seconds.
No Reduction In Suction
The LifeLike Curve Stroker gobbles you up, you pass through progressive interior airtight chambers, which create more and more suction. You’ll only feel a release of the suction, once you “pop”.
Slip sliding away
Even though she’s got you in a death grip, this toy remains soft, silky and slippery during your entire near death experience.  She’s made from lifelike TPR so she’ll stretch, grab, caress and stroke for years and years.
Watch All The Action
The best part of this stroker is that its clear. That means you can watch the magic happen as you are sweetly squished, squeezed, squelched and suctioned. Blow your own mind and watch it happen.

Life Like Curve Stroker Reviews
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by 26 Users
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It's not the worse sex toy I've ever tried, but it's definitely not the best. The quality is on the low side so I don't think this is made for long-term use. The glitter comes off much too easily. It's clear and I thought it was fun watching my dick slide up and down the textured throat. The texture was good too. It's not tight enough or gives enough suction for me to orgasm quickly and I can't say I've had the hardest orgasm using this thing. For the price, it's okay.

By knizamb, Alabama

The curve on this toy is pronounced and I liked that. It was easy to move around the toy to best position it on my penis. Good product and worth the very affordable price.

By tlanier777, Colorado

I have a thick penis so the stretchiness of this thing is a plus. The material is soft and stretchy so it expands easily to fit me. I like to use lots of lube because it creates and amazing suction after a few hard thrusts.

By ashu85, Rhode Island

I really, very much like it. Try it and you'll understand exactly why.

By Theodoro, New Jersey

For such a inexpensive toy, my expectations weren't very high. I have to admit I underestimated it. Nice open and inviting mouth and great tight throat that stretches to fit real firm around your dick.

By cyber_wang, Pennsylvania

This toy is swell and a great way to quickly deal with a swelling/swollen member. Fast and efficient to get you on your way.

By AddsproGuy, North Carolina

For you young guys out there, yes old men still can and often want to have sex. Sometimes we're even more uninhibited than when we were younger and more willing to try new things. I was married for 40 years and never had or gave oral sex even though we had a great sex life. I bought this thing mostly out of curiosity to experience oral sex. I use it while looking at my wife's picture and imagine that she's still here with me today. It doesn't compare to her but it's still fun to use.

By gcore, Connecticut

Great suction once you squeeze the air out of it. Neutral clear color is a plus although the glitter is completely unnecessary and comes off. I had the hardest time getting all those shiny flecks of my penis.

By joaquin112, texas

I wasn't expecting much when I used this thing and am surprised that the suction is so good. I think it's the texture in the throat that does it. Those soft jelly nodules inside felt fantastic sliding up and down my penis.

By cbjack, Wisconsin

I liked it. It worked well. Good texture and a tight throat. Fun watching those see-thru lips suck my cock.

By markthesurfer, Kentucky

I found this thing helpful with getting rid of my early morning hard on. I usually don't have a lot of time in the morning and this thing gets me off quickly. Works good in the shower too.

By Lanx, Miami

The plus with this toy is that I can ram it as hard as I want without worrying about triggering its gag reflex. Good curve to it and I like the ball texture in the throat.

By JRidge, Oklahoma City

It's fun. I wouldn't say it replaces sex or the real thing. It's a nice change to manual stroking. Very easy to use with a soft texture that gets nice and slick when lubed up.

By Jiba33, Connecticut

For the price I paid, I didn't have high expectations for this thing. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice tight throat with nice rubbery lips that gave a good tight feel on my cock. I had a real good orgasm with this thing.

By mikke2008, oklahoma

There's not sucking action liked you'd get from real oral sex so don't expect that. But with the right amount of lube, the soft jellyish throat will close nice and tight around your penis to create a nice suction that'll get you off in no time.

By TheLoneKnight, California

It fit my penis nicely and overall felt good. The throat part is tight. The material is soft and squishy, almost jelly-like, which I don't think would hold up for a long time under heavy use. For an occasional user like me, this thing worked perfectly and I've had it for several months now.

By sroysfsu, US

Everything I had hoped for. Soft, stretchy and tight with a strong suction that felt good on my cock.

By twister85, Alabama

This is one wicked stroker! Brilliantly designed nice and tight. See through design is a plus. There's something really hot about watching your dick slide up and down a fake throat.

By RandySwanston, Williamsburg

The price is right and you get a good stroker with ribbed detailing that'll feel good on your penis. Really it's a basic stroker toy so don't expect miracles. For what I paid, I'm happy with what I got.

By Paragk, USA

I know the price is low so maybe I shouldn't have expected much. Bargain priced anything isn't designed to last and that's what I soon discovered with this product. I've had it for a few months and don't even use it that much but I'm beginning to notice small tears and the rubbery skin doesn't seem as soft anymore. It does get points for the ribbed texture and tightness.

By Flulsefem, NYC

The ribbed vagina is tight and just long enough for me, although barely. A guy that's any longer than me might not be able to completely penetrate or thrust hard. The swollen pussy lips are fun to look at but don't do much for the performance of the toy.

By MP5000, New Hampton

I've read bad reviews for this and really don't know what the issue is with these guys. It's a stroker, not a magic orgasm creator. It's also a smallish piece of rubber so it's not going to feel like a real woman. Keep it real as far as your expectations are concerned and you'll be happy with your buy.

By mcrocken, Manchester

Makes for a great first sex toy because it's lightweight, easy to use and tight and stretchy.

By tofrar, LA

The ribbed vagina, tight opening and vagina lips detailing help make this stroker one of the best you'll get for this price.

By AvC1, Ohio

If you're looking for something that feels like a real woman, you're going to be disappointed. If you're like me and kept expectations real, you'll be happy with your purchase. It's a rubber stroker so it's not going to feel like you're actually in a hot woman's vagina. The stroker is tight, lightweight and easy to use. The pussy detailing is fun and it doesn't take long for the material to heat up to your body temperature.

By MarkMimeb, USA

This is probably the most detailed stroker I've ever seen. Love the swollen pussy lips. Helps me imagine that I'm pounding into the pussy of a woman who really wants me. Tight too.

By Philnotts, London
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