Mangasm Alpha Prostate Stimulator

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Mangasm Alpha Prostate Stimulator

MaterialFlexible TPR
Safety FeaturesEasy Removal Ring
Powered byN/A
FunctionsCreates g-spot orgasms
Special FeaturesSelf-rotating shape
Toy SizeLength: 4.5” Width 1.2”

Mangasm Alpha Prostate Stimulator

Precise P-Spot Placement For Max Pleasure

27 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$52.95 $36.95

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Product Details

Pleasure Your Male G-Spot Easily
The Mangasm Alpha is designed to find your prostate immediately. With its strategically placed tab, Alpha also delivers a pleasurable pinch, stimulating your P-spot inside and out. Creates a body-shaking uncontrolled explosion every time.

Alpha Delivers Powerful Orgasms
Alpha has become such a popular prostate massage tool because it’s made from a flexible but hard miracle material; soft and gentle enough to be totally comfortable, yet firm enough to give your prostate a relentless massage. Enjoy as it sends you into that shuddering good night, as your eyes close in ecstasy during the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.

Reliance On Science
Utilizing all the latest advances in anatomical science, your Alpha has been meticulously sized and angled to comfortably stimulate your prostate. So you can experience orgasms that researchers have measured as being 200% more intense and more forceful, 7 to 14 seconds longer in duration, and with double the amount of ejaculate. Feel it for yourself. Become an Alpha Male today.

Mangasm Alpha Prostate Stimulator Reviews
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I'm completely happy with my purchase and have experienced some of the most deeply satisfying orgasms ever.

By purple579, miami

I am a sexually active, perfectly sexuallly functioning man nearing 70. I have never used any crazy sex toy before. I am dating a younger, more adventuresome woman who bought this for me. I only used it at her strong encouragement. I am glad that I did.

By SexyRob, Minnesota

Can't say I have much to complain about this product. It's good. I did have to spend several minutes moving the arm around until I found a spot where it felt good. Thought that was a bit of a hassle.


I've read a few of the other glowing reviews and honestly, I don't know what was so fabulous about this product. It didn't do a whole lot for me, although it's easy to use and had a bit of flexibility to it.

By Bleu, California

There's something about have my anus slightly stretched and that extra pressure on my prostrate that literally made me shoot cum. Usually when I orgasm, my cum dribbles out. This time it actually had some distance to it! The Mangasm Alpha gave me one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced in my 40+ years on this earth.

By zeebot, Canada

I'm a young gay guy who's actually never had sex. So I've done a lot of masturbating. I wanted to see what it would feel like to be penetrated, but was afraid to try anything too big. The Mangasm Alpha is the perfect size. It's easy to insert and there's something about the way the toy is shaped that hit all my right spots.

By sweet seduction, alabama

My masturbation sessions haven't been the same since I've bought this magic little number. And I mean that in a good way. I have stronger and more intense orgasms than I've ever had before.

By drock, tx

Would recommend this product to any guy new to prostrate stimulating toys. It's not too big to insert and the little arm that's meant to stimulate the prostrate gives just the right amount of pressure.

By ashboo32, Missouri

This product works well. Really well. Does what it claims to do. I am a believer after trying it just a few times.

By Beautiful-Disaster, Oregon

Completely happy with my purchase.

By babymario, arizona

I've recently discovered the pleasures of anal play. First I started small with butt plugs. Then I decided why not try something bigger? I wasn't looking for anything extremely big, and the this product seemed like the perfect choice. It was. It inserts easily and gives just the right amount of prostrate pressure that gave me more satisfying orgasms.

By SecondStory, Long Beach

For those men out there who were like me and didn't want to insert anything in their anuses. Get over it and try this product. You'll be glad you did. It's not too big, has a sturdy ring that makes it easy to put in and pull out.

By OhMyGlob, Nebraska

i wasn't sure if i wanted to explore what i thought was that mythical man g-spot. but my wife thought it might be fun for me to try. and I was surprised. would definitely recommend it to any guy who wants to have a harder orgasm.

By Lioncub, WY

I'm not much for shoving anything up my ass and probably wouldn't have tried the Mangasm Alpha if my girlfriend hadn't bought it for me. It's small enough to be inserted easily and the ring is easy to hold to pull the thing out.

By purplecoco, Oklahoma

For those guys nearing 60 out there, like me. Don't fool yourself into thinking that sex enhancement toys like this one are only for those buff, young guys. Keep and open mind and don't be afraid to try something new. That's why I bought the Mangasm Alpha. I'm glad I did because I've never had my prostrate stimulated in any comparible way before. Highly erotic. Would definitely recommend this toy.

By AYoungMan, Wichita

My girlfriend is all about making sex as hot as possible, so she's well-read about the different ways couples can enhance their sex lives. She read about the male g-spot, something I'd never heard about before, and bought me this thing. I like that it's shaped for the beginner so isn't too intimidating to try. We tried it the first time when I was penetrating her, but that didn't work too well since the thing kept moving around and not doing much. Worked much better when I was thrusting like when she was giving me head.

By Wicked Wahine, Cleveland, OH

Purchased this toy after watching the sample videos. Didn't actually think I would have an orgasm as quickly as the videos show and was curious to find out if the same thing would happen to me. I didn't really expect that it would and was pleasantly surprised when it did.

By Steve99, tampa

I never thought a non-vibrating rubber-like toy would give me as much pleasure as this one did. The little balled tip has to be positioned just right to provide the right amount of pressure for that sweet spot, but once you've found what works for you, the level of pleasure skyrockets.

By Qozt, Minneapolis

The most basic of the prostate massagers I could find, I bought it for my husband to try. The shaft is only a few inches long, and not very thick. However, it’s bumpy and rounded in just the right places (says my now very happy husband) to reach the prostate well. We had sex while he sat up so he could get the best stimulation, and we both had one of the best rides of our lives together.

By B in Brooklyn, New York, NY

A really great toy for prostate stimulation. Good quality, but basic – not intimidating if it’s your first time.

By S, Seattle

Loved the material. It’s firm but flexible at the same time. I could feel it inside of me all the time, but when my muscles contracted, I could feel it more and it sent shivers of pleasure through my body. Great toy.

By M. P., Las Vegas

My wife and I decided to spice it up. We’ve been buying her toys for years, but now it was finally my turn. Let me tell you – this thing is amazing! I have never come that much and that hard in, well – I think my entire life! What a great experience.

By mang_o, Seattle

The Mangasm Alpha is good for any man who is beginning to experiment with prostate stimulation, whether alone or with his wife. It’s got many curves on medium-sized shaft that designed to place pressure on the prostate. It’s made of a unique material that’s easy to insert, but also flexible enough to move with muscle contractions, increasing the pleasure. Whether used alone or during sex with your partner, the Alpha is an exceptional male anal toy.

By MTD, Brooklyn, NY

I bought this for my husband after a discussion about giving prostate massage a chance. I found it sexy to lube it up and insert it in his anus. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but I distracted him with other pleasures. I rode him in cowgirl position while he sat on the edge of the bed, and honestly I’ve never seen his eyes roll back in his head like that. He absolutely loved it. Plus, he came harder than I’ve ever seen. Such a turn on to see him that way.

By j. ocean, New York

I was nervous when my wife suggested we use this toy during sex, but I have to admit I was (very) pleasantly surprised. Who knew that anal stimulation could be such a wonderful thing?

By clc, New York

My wife brought home the Alpha and suggested we try it that night. The toy is not intimidating in size, and actually slipped in quite easily with the right lubricant. There is a small circle on the base that allows for easy removal too, and the stimulation is out of this world. I am now a big fan.

By Orgasms on Orchard, Manhattan, NY

I bought this for my husband, but he refuses to ‘put anything up there’. I don’t know what else to do, and now it’s just a waste of money. How can I convince him it will be great?

By SatisfiedAndSmiling, New York, NY

As a beginner to male g spot play, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the leap into this uncharted territory. But based on some reviews I read online - I decided to give it a shot. I'm writing to tell you how happy I was with my choice. I haven't had an orgasm like that... well.. until now. Just one thing - maybe you guys would want to wrap the inner packaging better. I washed it before using it, so it wasn't a huge problem, but just wanted to let you know.

By Richard R., Buford, IA

Using the Mangasm Alpha was pretty intense. I followed the instructions, used plenty of lube - and put it up there. It felt strange at first, but after a couple of minutes, my body got adjusted. I am new to prostate stimulation (or, I should say I was new to it) so I wanted to try something that would be easy for a first-timer. I don't know how to describe the feeling other than by the word "amazing". Now that I'm used to the Mangasm Alpha, I'm going to order the Rush and Edge!

By Ratash, Chicago, IL

I am writing to review the Mangasm 1 I purchased last week. Other than the price, the toy was pure bliss. All these years I had been thinking only about my own penis - and I had no idea that there was another part of me that could experience pleasure - or add to it. Just want to say thanks for bringing this important information to the public, and thanks for producing these great male g spot massagers. Now all you have to do is lower the price, and you have a customer for life!

By Tim R., San Diego, CA

I'm a 50 year old married man who is probably the last guy on earth who anyone would think is into experimenting with my male g spot. I picked up a Mangasm Alpha a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't be happier. I just came back to the site to pick up a Mangasm Voyager... looking forward to receiving it!

By Jay S., Skokie, IL

Male masturbation will never been the same after I discovered prostate massagers. I had a few Aneros prostate massagers, but decided to give the Mangasm male g-spot tools a try. Glad I did. The sensations were different and the material used is more comfortable. So far I only picked up the Mangasm Alpha, but next month, I'll try another one or two. Please work on improving your shopping cart on the site, I had some problems with it.

By James, Shanghai, China

As far as prostate toys go, I'm a happy Mangasm customer. I've been having what you call "Mangasms" for years, but not with tools specially shaped for this purpose. The Mangasm tools made my male g spot orgasms easy and comfortable. I've only purchased the Mangasm Alpha, but I'm going to buy the Mangasm Voyager soon!

By Steve N., Omaha, NB
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