Mangasm DSRV (Doggy Style Realistic Vagina)

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$76.95 $56.95

Mangasm DSRV (Doggy Style Realistic Vagina)

MaterialHigh Quality Cyberskin
Safety Featuresn/a
Powered byYourself
FunctionsFigure This One Out For Yourself
Special FeaturesLarge, Realistic Size
Toy Size6 Pounds, 8" Tall, 10" Wide, 12" Long

Mangasm DSRV (Doggy Style Realistic Vagina)

6 pounds of pussy, please. Oh - and a side of ass.

45 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$76.95 $56.95

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Product Details

Throw That Dog A Bone
If you love doggie style, you’ll want to get behind the Mangasm DSRV. She puts 6 plus pounds of prime pussy and ass right in front of you, so you can go animal style and give her a bone to chew on.

Realistic Cyberskin, Inside & Out
The soft, silky feeling of cyber-skin - the closest thing to real woman skin - will make you feel like the Alpha Dog, as your bury your bone deep in one of the tight holes of Mangasm’s DSRV. Plus, the mold for DSRV was captured from one of the most beautiful women in the world (who remains anonymous), in her favorite doggie position, at the very peak of her excitement.

Don’t Forget To Lube It Up
Order lube too, so when your package comes, so can you. We recommend ID Glide Lube as its cost effective and very long lasting!

Mangasm DSRV (Doggy Style Realistic Vagina) Reviews
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By Anonymous Anonymous

So my woman left to another state and I won't be seeing her for awhile and I felt frisky and thought...TOYS. Brah this thing is a heavy piece of silicon, but feels guud. You a bit randy and tried of that ye ol hand then get this cause it's worth it.

By SwagBrah

lost in the mail, but replaced

By Joe B.

this thing is great i used it twice its soft the butt is tighter then other hole witch is nice and its not hard to clean because all the holes are connected and there's a hole in the back so i just run water in there and it washes out through the two main holes the bad stuff is side things like: where do i keep a butt?, what happens if someone sees a butt in my room? the only thing i see that could be a problem is sense the holes are connected over time the two inch peace that separates them might rip but i dont know when that will happen

By inactive

This toy is great because it was well made and works well. There are bigger toys out there, but the size of this toy should be big enough for most men to enjoy - even larger sized men. If you are 10 inches or above, you can probably still use this item, but I recommend that you look for something bigger. This toy really is anatomically correct, easy to clean - just use soap and water to clean, durable (still feels great after almost 1 year of use), and worth the money. The vaginal hole is tight and remains that way after many uses. The anal hole and vaginal connect many inches deep inside of the toy, so the two holes feel like separate holes. On the other end of the toy, there is a drainage hole and I am not sure if it's supposed to be used or not, but it also feels pretty good. It's a fantastic toy and a great alternative to the real thing, so it is worth the money. For improvements, maybe add more tips in the package about good positions, different ways to use this toy, mor

By J

Wow. I was hesitant at first about this. I mean really who needs a seven pound ass hanging around. I'm glad I got it though. Realistic feeling, both outside and in. Love the feeling of her "skin". The hips are great to hold onto if you really want to pound into it. All the fun, with none of the upkeep. Just keep her clean and she's happy.

By Anonymous

This is the realest fake vagina I have ever seen!!!.... The weight makes it that much more realistic. My husband LOVES THIS TOY! it works out for both of us... I either watch him and get him off while he uses this, or I tell him to use it when im not in the mood... Either way it satisfies us both! LOVE IT!!


First off, this thing is rather large and heavy, which is nice. The two openings have a different feel, the rear opening has a slight curve to deal with, which makes it even more lifelike. The vagina opening is nice and tight as well. The two meet in the middle, but this is several inches inside, so its very much like two different holes. The drainage hole on the front can be used as a mouth as well!!!

By Anonymous

Wow, I wish I found this a long time ago. If I had the money I wasted on Pussy, I would be a millionare. I placed it on the corner of the bed so you can fully access to Jessica and have my legs closer to her side so you can control the penetration. Make sure you put a towel down under her so when you blow your load its on the towel. I could only last about 2 minutes and I was done. It was great, never had to talk to her and tell her that I loved her. LOL

By Robert W Murphy

There's really only one "hole" because the rear entry and front entry are two holes that lead to the same passage. I prefer this to a fleshlight because it sort of stays in place as you do your business.

By Ansel Paulie

With a round thing in your face...bought this one for a single male friend. He loves it. The anal and vaginal openings are deep and very life like. This "toy" can take a lickin and keeps on tickin'. Cleans up in a snap and the price is on point, where others similar are easily 100+.

By Reed

Almost better than the real thing. Her rear entry is a little to close to her love tunnel and her waist is a little to small but other than that she is a good size and a good weight. I love to slap Dat Ass. Good value compared to other models.

By Jeffrey Smart

One of the best toys I have bought

By Jeremy Mangus

Great product, though I got a minor tear on the vagina's perineum. It isn't a big deal, it appears, since after repeated uses the toy still works as intended. And when I say it works as it intended ... gosh darn it all, this thing is a monster of pleasure. This is my second sex toy - after a fleshlight - and it's something I never thought I'd buy - ever. But curiosity pulled me in (literally), and I'm extremely satisfied to have purchased such a product. First of all, the vaginal opening and the anus feel different, where the latter is tighter than the former. Second, the faux-flesh and the toy itself feels incredible for something so modestly priced! You can grab onto it, slap it, jiggle it around, and the weight (7lb) lets you prop it up on top of or against anything and play with it, without knocking over. Additionally, if you stick your finger inside the hole inside the small of the toy's back, it increases the suction you feel when you enter and exit either of the holes

By Dev

Very realistic just like described. I think any man would be very happy to have this plus it's not too small like some can be and helps the man feel it's more like getting the real thing and will leave them more satisfied

By Catlg85

Way better than Jerk in off. Looks and feels good! And won't find anything cheaper and that high of quality. Great job guys!


Smaller then desired but I did get the cheapest one. It does the job and gets my pecker hard.

By Anonymous

It's perfect. I feel the exact shame I feel after the real deal. 10/10 Would bang again.

By Derek Murphree

Everyone complained about the size of this but the true dimensions were on the description. This was the first time I had ever used anything in this department and I can honestly say it was amazing. Had to go for seconds right away! It being small makes it perfect for holding in a reverse cowgirl position and it being flat on the bottom lets you put it anywhere. Be generous with the lube as it is extremely tight and it may tear a little if you are above average in size but for the money spent I have zero complaints. Clean up is super easy too! Forget your hand and get ready to enjoy yourself for the first time all over again!!!

By Anonymous

Very effective, and realistic, at least for replica. This does not compare to its human counterpart, but as a substitute when the wife is unavailable, it is a satisfying second choice. Openings are well detailed and stretches to accommodate. I have used several times and have been extremely satisfied with the performance. I have used several of these sexual devices over the years and this is by far the best I have found, thus far.

By george march

The product is amazing in my opinion. It was my first ever sex toy and was great and definitely worth the price I got it for. The only problem I had with it (and it wasn't really too big a deal to me at least) was the fact that I measured it with my measuring tape after unpacking it and found it was not the listed size and was instead 9 inches wide by 9 inches long, and about 4 inches tall, but it was so good that I honestly didn't mind that too much, as it made cleaning a bit easier and the thing a bit tighter.

By Andy P.

I've only had it for a couple of days so I can't say much about it's durability. However, the feeling is amazing! Very close to the real deal, small though, awkwardly small. By no means does this take away from function but it is almost a little creepy. Once you wash it, no more plastic smell which is fantastic. Fast shipping, discreet packaging. Definitely worth the money!

By Anonymous

I received this item today and took to time to try it out, my first thoughts where that it it's was on the smaller side but had a nice simulated skin feel, also the two holes are different textures, and they both are very tight, I'm happy with my purchase and don't regret buying this item, but it's something I will use once and awhile, it will not be a every time thing.

By Matthew

I got this product for that special man in my life. I messed around with it a bit before I actually gave it to him. I expected it be be a lot harder than I thought it was. IT FEELS SO REAL!!! I was actually surprised with how real like it felt. Even though he didnt say I think my husband enjoyed watching me smack it and play around with it a bit to get a feel for how real it felt.

By Anonymous

This is the one of the better masturbators I've owned. The weight and feel are pretty realistic which is what I was looking for. The only negative comments I have so far is that the entry holes are a bit small and tear easily. Also the construction makes it hard to dry the inside after cleaning. Otherwise a great product.

By Josh

At first i was a little skeptical being thr first toy i had ever bought. Working long nights and no social life this thing does wonders if used properly. I found threw trial and error if you use lubricant on the inside of the toys entry holes it works much better than on yourself. Honestly couldnt tell it was plastic

By Juan B

I bought this for my husband for when he goes out of town for business or for when we're feeling extra adventurous in the bedroom. It's super soft and realistic feeling. He says it feels absolutely tight and amazing. For the price it is really awesome and honestly if you're feeling a little agitated, just slap that 7lb pound ass and you'll feel better.

By BrynRae

ive had a few different fleshlights and this one is way better. feels and looks much more real. it does tear a little but it kinda has to because the opening is soo tight. the tear doesn't affect the feel. oh and when you smack the a$$, it jiggles just like a real one.

By countrytechboy

Despite its small size, remarkably life-like; well proportioned. It's a bit tight, however, and easy to pop out the other end without much effort. But for what you pay, it's good enough. And gets better with time.

By none

save your money, fuck a human

By Josh

This thing is not life-sized. Not unless you think a real woman is the size of a 12-year-old girl who's barely hit puberty. The holes are nice and tight and will squeeze your shaft really good. But don't delude yourself into thinking that this is comparable to the size of a real woman.

By bamsgt, Flint, MI

This product has everything you'd ever need in a sex toy. Even the pussy lips are encourged like she's turned on. Amazing!

By a37ddt, New York

I was surpised to find out this thing really is life-sized. One very realistic toy.

By Wbking, Greenville, AL

Nice butt cheeks. Good weight so it stays in play. Tight vagina and an even tighter anus hole.

By Felix Hill, Illinois

I like spreading those silkiy smooth butt cheeks for better entry.

By ManosankarB, Indiana

Great alternative if you don't have a partner and if you have lots of room to play around.

By shankar9, USA

Gave me something to look at while doing my thing which I liked. Felt more realistic that way.

By rmiller420, moon

When I use this, I like to think I'm pounding the sweet ass of that 20-something next door who has no idea the "old fart" next door would have her if she was the least bit interested. So I use this. In one hole, in the other. Back and forth good and hard. Great product.

By madh2h, Maryland

Who can resist an upturned ass like this one, even if it isn't real. I know I can't and get hard just thinking about using it again. Just wish it didn't take up so much storage space.

By matthewkevin, California

Tight ass hole, tight pussy hole, real-feel cyber skin, nice smooth ass cheeks. This thing's got it all.

By yosk, California

This thing has got some weight to it which is what I think helps it feel more realistic. The fake skin feels real minus the heat you'd get from a real woman. Tight holes too.

By Cheshirus, NYC

I've seen these fake vagina things go for well over $200, so I was really surprised at the price of this one. Almost anyone can afford it considering what you get for your money. Two tight holes and a super solid product that can handle your hardest pounding.

By Ken Bks, Connecticut

Good weight. Tight holes.

By AbdelwahedF, USA

I'm no small guy and when I read the description that this fake vagina weighed over 5 pounds, I thought maybe I should try it. Since it's a heavier toy, it didn't arrive as quickly as I would have liked. I knew that because it says so right here on this page. Still I would have liked to get it faster. I gotta admit it was worth the weight and I'm happy with my purchase.

By masterstroke, basement

The benefit of this fake vagina is that she's ready and raring to go any time I am. That little upturned ass and sweet pussy seem to beg me for some action. I always happy to oblige.

By JanFazly, Wisconsin
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