Mangasm Easy Relief

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Mangasm Easy Relief

MaterialHigh Quality Cyberskin
Safety FeaturesLatex-free, Hypo-allergenic
Powered byYourself
Special Featuresn/a
Toy Size5" Long, 2.5" Wide

Mangasm Easy Relief

The easiest way to get off!

10 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$33.95 $14.95

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Product Details

Feel The Relief
When you are looking for easy relief after a long day, there's nothing easier than the Mangasm Easy Relief to help you take a load off! This toy is just about as simple as pleasure can possibly be. Lube up and slip your erect penis into the clear sleeve. Inside, you'll notice 2 distinctly different textures which apply different sensations to different parts of your penis.

How It Works
As you enter it, the specially shaped nodules will stimulate the head of your penis in a new and pleasurable way. Next, the rings in the center part of the toy work on your shaft, while the nodules at the last part of the toy again work on the head of your penis. After a lot of testing with different internal textures, we found this combination to be the favorite of our test group.

Work It Right
Don't forget to add some lube so that you can get right to work when your new Mangasm Easy Relief arrives! Add in a Mangasm prostate stimulator to have even better orgasms!

Mangasm Easy Relief Reviews
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I can see why this product got the name that it did. It's super easy to use and doesn't take long at all to orgasm. I think because this thing is a lot tighter than you'd be able to do yourself with your own hands plus the textures are amazing.

By webmarke, New Mexico

The toy looks unimpressive and even boring. Don't let those looks deceive you. When I used it, it took my breath away and had me puffing and panting in no time.

By Revolves, Los Angeles

I bought this for my teenage son. I don't want him to have sex yet and I know he masturbates. We've been open talking about that and I consider it completely normal and healthy. I chose this thing because it doesn't look like a sex toy or like a woman's body part. I'm not interested in knowing the details of how this works for him but when I asked him what he thought of it, he gave me that smile that I know means he really likes something.

By tdbgroup, South Dakota

The textures are amazing. Too bad this toy is too short for me to get my whole penis in. It does wonders for the tip and the top part. Wish it was longer.

By lmjenks, Florida

Take a load off. And I mean it in the most literal way. It's definitely spiced up my solo sex sessions.

By brittlesnc, Hampton

My wife bought this as a way to make her hand jobs even more intense and enjoyable. Wow. It works. It's a plus that the woman I love is using it on me. I get to watch her as this fascinating sex thing goes up and down my penis as she plays with my balls.

By Agius_E, Michigan

I accidently left this toy on my nightstand after I cleaned it and didn't realize it until the next morning after I got out of the shower and went to the kitchen for breakfast and saw the thing sitting on the kitchen table beside my 4 year old's cereal bowl. He, of course, had not idea what it was and thought it was a toy. It is a toy, but not THAT type of toy. HaHaHa!

By ndtra, New York

I picked this toy because it's small and portable. From the picture I wasn't sure it would be big enough to fit over my average-size penis. I tried it and there's no problem there. You'll need lots of lube to enjoy those fascinating internal textures to their maximum.

By Khushnoodpk, California

Probably the fastest and easiest way to get off in a hurry.

By RuggeroSB, Arkansas

Once I lubed up and inserted, I was amazed at the amount of pressure this thing put on my penis. Nothing painful or unpleasant but it did take my breath away.

By AngelDRS, Winton, NC
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