Mangasm Flux Prostate Massager

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$44.95 $29.95

Mangasm Flux Prostate Massager

MaterialMedical Grade Silicone
Safety FeaturesRing For Easy Removal
Powered byN/A
Special Features3 Different Sized Beads
Toy SizeFrom .5” to 1” Beads

Mangasm Flux Prostate Massager

Safe Silicone Unisex Anal Enjoyment

11 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$44.95 $29.95

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Product Details

The Multi-Functional Anal Toy
The Mangasm Flux is not a traditional prostate toy. Anal beads are a type of sex toy that can be enjoyed by both men and women! The Flux takes the concept of anal beads to the next level with new shapes designed to slide in easily but to stay put until play time is over.

100% Medical Grade Silicone
Your Mangasm Flux is made of medical grade silicone, perhaps the softest and most comfortable material out there. This material is anti-bacterial and therefore the most hygienic of all sex toy materials. It is particularly recommended, when possible, for anal toys for obvious reasons.

If you are a guy looking to experiment with anal play – there’s nothing better than pulling the Mangasm Flux out right at the moment of your orgasm – especially an orgasm caused by a great toy like the Fleshlight STU or Autoblow Blast.

Mangasm Flux Prostate Massager Reviews
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It felt weird inserting this pink thing up my ass and I probably would never have done it if my girlfriend didn't encourage me. Once I got over that weirdness of it, I discovered I actually liked it. The beads start smaller and get larger which gave my body plenty of time to adjust to the changing sizes.

By xgamerx, Oh

Top marks to the designer of this one. The beads are ergonomic, sexy and feel just plain great.

By deltalima, Here

The tapered top made the beads easy to insert. I liked the break in between each bead. It was just enough to let the muscles of my rectum tighten a little before being stretched again. Once the toy was inserted, I tugged on it a bit for extra stimulation. Wow!

By rekarf, USA

If you're wondering whether to go with a butt plug or anal beads, I'd say go for the anal beads. Especially these ones. The way the sizes slowly increase put just the right amount of pressure on the prostrate to help create some really intense orgasms.

By carebear712, Ohio

I really liked the way the bead sizes got bigger. I also like the tapered first bead. It made inserting it easier. The first bead went in easily but the other ones were more challenging around the curve. Because the curve is so pronounced with this toy, you can only use it in some positions comfortably. Once you find that comfortable position, the firm pressure on the prostrate is amazing and so is the anal stretching.

By JG24Fan, New York

This is my review of the Mangasm Baseline: At first I thought the Mangasm Baseline was just some kind of glorified set of anal beads, but after using it, it's actually a lot more. I had anal beads before which were basically hard plastic balls, attached by a string. The Mangasm Baseline is a big improvement on this old concept. For starters, you guys have changed the size of the balls to fit easier, and instead of a string to connect them, you use the same silicone that the whole toy is made from. The result, at least for me, was pleasurable and very hygienic. Thanks for this!

By Adam M., Chicago, IL

In my opinion, the Mangasm Baseline is overpriced for what it is. I've saw something similar on another male sex toy website for $6 cheaper, but not until AFTER I purchased this one. My calls to customer service have not resulted in a credit. I'm already a long time customer who has the Mangasm Alpha, Mangasm Buzz and Mangasm Voyager, so I thought I'd be treated better. The toy itself was easy to use and easy to clean - but like I said, too expensive for what it is.

By Alfredo., Indianapolis, IN

I just got my Mangasm Baseline in the mail about 8 hours ago. I've had the chance to try it out once. I should say first that I am rookie when it comes to anal sex toys. I've just recently learned about the male g spot and then found the Mangasm website while I was searching the web. I picked this one because I thought that the small ball shapes will allow my body to more easily adjust to the new sensations. I was right. I haven't tried to clean it yet, so I hope that part won't be a problem!!

By Jose F., San Diego, CA

I got this Baseline as a birthday gift from my girlfriend as a joke. But then I used it. Then, I used it again. And then... again. I hope she doesn't find out.

By Tim R., Moab, UT

Sorry my English. I come from France and I am a big fan of your Mangasms. In France the selection of this toy is not good, so I use the Internet and find only Aneros and Mangasm to sell this kind of toy. I buy Aneros and Mangasm actually at the same time, to see which I like best. I just write to tell you I like both - each has good and bad parts. Sorry again for my English!

By Hubert, Paris, France

I have purchased the Mangasm Alpha already and just want to say that it is much better than this Mangasm Baseline. This one is ok maybe just for a very beginner, but I already had some experience which made it not very good for me. If anyone actually reads these reviews, I recommend the Alpha over the Baseline. I rate it the Mangasm Baseline a C+.

By Lou., Hong Kong
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