Mangasm Rush Prostate Stimulator

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Mangasm Rush Prostate Stimulator

MaterialFlexible TPR
Safety FeaturesEasy Removal Ring
Powered byN/A
FunctionsCreates g-spot orgasms
Special FeaturesSelf-rotating shape
Toy SizeLength: 4.5” Width: 1.2”

Mangasm Rush Prostate Stimulator

The Fast Lane To Kaboom!

28 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$49.95 $35.95

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Product Details

When You’re In A Hurry - Rush
Mangasm’s Rush is specially made to speed things up. It’s bigger to provide more contact with your prostate. And it’s angled more sharply to provide a more aggressive P-Spot massage. So it’ll deliver a head banging atomic explosion much sooner than you ever thought possible.

Two Heads Are Better Than Fun
Your Mangasm Rush has dual heads which will pivot 180 degrees to snuggle into the perfect position you need to set off that atomic detonation in seconds. Two heads give you more precision. Two heads give you more sensation. And two heads give you a deep, powerful, slack-jawed earthquake of an orgasm that leaves mere fun far behind. The Rush will deliver a life-changing even religious experience.

Software & Firmware In Your Underwear
Mangasm Rush is made from a modern miracle material that is soft and comfortable to use, yet firm enough to stimulate your sensitive P-Spot.

Mangasm Rush Prostate Stimulator Reviews
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Much better than the butt plugs I've used before. Bigger and more erotic plus the extra pressure from the prostrate tab has given me more intense orgasms. I don't shoot any more semen than usual. I just feel like I have harder orgasms that come from the core of my body.

By queergaze, Canada

Let me tell you something. Don't ever use this toy until you're completely warmed up, turned on, or whatever you want to call it. It doesn't matter how much lubricant you use, it's still going to feel so uncomfortable that it borders on pain. And the tab kept catching the hairs around my balls. That was my first experience. The second was better. I decided to watch a porn flick first to get me in the mood. Then I carefully inserted and even more carefully positioned the tab. And it did feel good and gave me new sensations I never had before with an orgasm. However, it's too much work for me to want to regularly use this toy.

By michael scofield, NEW YORK CITY

This isn't the cheapest or most expensive sex toy available for guys. It's probably on the higher end as far as prices are concerned. Don't let this be a deterrent. The old saying that you get what you pay for holds true for this product. I'm expecting to get many months (and possibly years) of use out of it.

By 123joy, NY

Me and my girlfriend have gathered a fairly large collection of sex toys and aides that can be used on either her or me. While most of them are for her, we do splurge every now and then on something really good for me. And the Mangasm Rush is one of those splurges. I didn't mind paying the price since I've paid much more for toys for my special lady. I like to insert it when my girlfriend goes down on me.

By EdenUser, Las Vegas

This one is really for either the more adventuresome guy or a guy with experience having items inserted into his rectum. It's big. I found it slightly intimidating when I took it out of the box and looked at it for the first time. After a few uses and figuring out where to best position the tab for my body, I've started having deeper and more intense orgasms.

By elrique, MI

I know anyone who has anything good to say about this product goes on about how great the size is. And it is great in that it's large and you definitely feel the stimulation on your prostrate. There's also a highly practical part to the product that anyone who has ever had a butt plug get stuck, and it's the handle. The handle makes it easy to insert and remove the toy. It can also be used to pump the toy in and out for deeper pleasure.

By SamsDelight, Houston, TX

I was surprised at how fast I reached an orgasm with this wand inserted. I still needed a significant amount of penile stimulation. When I combined the penis play with the delightful pressure the Rush put on my prostrate, I reached orgasm almost blindly fast. And this is coming from a man who has the experience, control and ability to hold off his orgasm.

By ing, Arizona

Having a ring at the base makes the toy super easy to maneuver.

By ejrbrndps, Pittsburgh

My wife likes giving me prostrate massages and I like receiving them. She likes to wear long artificial nails which means she has to be really careful not to scratch me. Plus she says she finds them harder to keep clean. She bought me this and I have to agree that it's better than a finger. The toy exerts a nice amount of pressure.

By playfire, North

Let me warn you ahead of time. You're going to have to be a bit more adventuresome to try this one or at least have experience with prostrate massagers or anal toys. It's big. I know the description says it's big, but I thought that was marketing hype and didn't actually expect it to be as large as it was. I used a generous amount of lube to insert and it wasn't long before I was overwhelmed with sensations.

By Kristopher Sean, San Jose

I'm a former male g-spot orgasm virgin. Let me tell you this. My "deflowering" was sensational.

By jr2012, Wisconsin

Love that this product has a flexible tab. It makes it easy to position the toy on the right spot, which I would think is a little different from man to man, depending on body size.

By Justy, New York

I've been masturbating by hand since I was a kid and realized that it felt good to stroke my penis. In my 20s I experimented with penis sleeves. Now that I'm in my early 40s, I feel like experimenting a little more. So I bought the Mangasm Rush. I like that it's big. And although I've never inserted anything into my rectum before, the unit slid in just fine with plenty of lubricant and taking my time. I'm happy with my purchase. I don't orgasm from it along -- I don't think that's what it is for anyways -- but it sends sensations through my entire genital area that I've never had before.

By Zandrock, Canada

Terrifically proportioned for the guy who wants to feel the toy in his ass. Probably not the best toy for men new to anal play since the shaft part is quite thick and could be very uncomfortable for a newbie.

By Katzer, Brazil

The Mangasm Rush is bigger so I found that it needs quite a bit more lubricant than my other toys to make it easier to insert. But it feels fantastic. It's a great addition to the collection of sex toys my partner and I have collected over our years together.

By Joeythaboss, Colorado

When I got this product, I was surprised that there was actually a bit of give to it. With not too much effort, I was able to move it up and down. At first I thought that this would make it harder to insert. But with plenty of lube and relaxed sphincter muscles, it slid it easily. (Tip: It feels so much better when it's slowly and erotically inserted.) I think the give is what made it feel so great when I orgasms and I could feel my muscles twitch.

By dancer120, LA

I've used prostrate stimulators that we either too hard to move with my anal contractions or so soft that they felt like shoving a sausage into a small hole. This one was perfect.

By onehfourcnky, new jersey

Shape and texture are super. No complaints from here!

By jstryker, dearborn heights

The Mangasm Rush is my initiation into the world of larger anal toys. I tried it with some trepidation because I was concerned about tearing or hurting myself. Lots of lube helped as well as making sure I didn't tighten my sphincter muscles. I've used it a few times and can say that once my body got used to the larger size, the sensations the product created were incredible.

By nosrslylol, LA

The product is flexible and firm at the same time. I know this sounds like a contradiction so let me explain what I mean. It's firm like a stiff cock going up your ass. It's also flexible enough that there's some give during contractions while still giving that right amount of resistance so you still feel it with every muscle twitch.

By MisterWhyt, NYC, NY

A really good prostate massager. It’s very flexible, and the bumps and curves hit all the right spots. Really good when used during masturbation or during sex. Definitely worth the price!

By pistol pete, hamptons ny

I was nervous to spend this much on a toy that I didn’t even know if my boyfriend would use. However – my fears were gone the second he popped it in. He loved it, and I can attest that it’s that expensive for a reason. The material is high quality, and the toy works like a charm. Excellent purchase.

By Sam, Seattle, WA

One of the biggest prostate massagers I’ve used, and it feels incredible. A little harder to get in, just because I’m not used to the size, but it feels amazing. Thanks Mangasm!

By Shanell, USA

My wife and I have been experimenting with anal play for years, but this is a great toy for me to leave in during sex. With the perineum nub and the large head on my prostate, the only complaint is that sometimes I want to come way too fast. Other than that, it’s an amazing toy and it’s easy to insert and remove.

By Clyde the Barrister, NYC

The Rush claims that it’s not for beginners, but life motto is ‘go big or go home’ so I went big. It took a bit of work to get it in the first couple of times, but once inside, it was simply amazing. Really great prostate massager, and I can’t wait to use it during sex with my girlfriend.

By RonRon, Atlanta

The Rush gives great pleasure internally on the prostate, but I feel the perineum massager could be a bit stronger. When I sit up to rock back and forth on the toy, I find that the perineum nub is barely felt. Otherwise a great prostate toy.

By Somsharp1, Brooklyn, NY

My husband won’t stop thanking me for his new gift. I felt like giving him something back since he’s bought me so many sex toys over the years. He was very happy with this one, and we use it often during sex.

By Anon, Ohio, USA

We’ve already got the Alpha, so I thought it was about time I bought my husband the Rush. The Rush has a much bigger head than the Alpha, so it’s better suited for more experienced users. It’s made of the same firm but flexible material, and the perineum tab still hits the right spot. He said he could definitely feel a difference, and he loved the extra fullness and pressure.

By Bewildebeest, North Carolina

I am writing to say that the Mangasm Rush's perineum tab is not hard enough to give me enough pressure on that area. The Aneros tab is hard, while the Mangasm tab is sort of "squishy" because it is made of the same material as the rest of the Mangasm. Using the toy felt pretty good on my prostate, but I could have used some harder external prostate simulation. Overall, I rate this a B+. I should probably get one of your other models with a hard perineum tab.

By Fred D., Oletha, KS

The Mangasm Rush's shape is something new to me and I feel good that I gave it a try. I was jerking off the normal way my whole life, and even now, at 45 years old, I never had a male g spot orgasm until now. And I think that from now on, I'll probably only want to have male g spot orgasms. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but worth the effort.

By Yehuda, Brooklyn, NY

What I was nervous about at first was the idea of putting something up my butt. For me, that's an OUT only, not an IN. I thought it was a pretty gay thing to do, to be totally honest about it. But in the end, I thought hey, what the hell - it can't hurt to try. And I was right. I won't go into graphic detail here, but using my Mangasm Rush has made my orgasms last longer and feel more intense - just like the website said. Finally, truth in advertising (and it didn't turn me gay.. yet).

By Kevin S., New Orleans, LA

I got my Mangasm Rush a couple of weeks ago and I just got a chance to write. I think you should reduce the price and improve the packaging. But the shape and texture is super - can't complain. If you reduce the price, I will probably by another one or two.

By John P., RI

My Mangasm Rush arrived just yesterday and I had a chance to try it out last night. I already had some sort of lube from my local sex shop, so I took it out of the package and got to work. First, I should mention the packaging. The box looks nice, but I was surprised there is no inner wrapping of the Mangasm toy. Because of this, I decided to give it a good washing before using it. I then turned on some of my favorite porn and laid on my side, like the instructions said. With a lot of lube, it slid in quite easily, and I gave it about 10 minutes to let my body adjust. I started having involuntary pleasure spasms within minutes, and became totally eh... erect. Touching my penis made the contractions happen faster and faster until... after only about 5 minutes... I had an orgasm! Now, I have to figure out how to make this intense Mangasm pleasure last longer!

By William W., Columbia, S.C.

This Mangasm Rush has a larger head than I'm used to, so I was a little worried about pain. Actually, it is a little bit too big for me, but I will work through it with time. Once it got in there and relaxed for a couple of minutes, I did have a great orgasm using it.

By Joel S., Montreal, Canada
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