Mangasm Voyager Large Prostate Stimulator

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$73.95 $52.95

Mangasm Voyager Large Prostate Stimulator

MaterialHard ABS
TextureSmooth & Hard
Safety FeaturesEasy To Clean
Powered by2AA Batteries
FunctionsUser-adjustable Vibration
Special FeaturesN/A
Toy SizeLength: 6.5” Width: 1.5”

Mangasm Voyager Large Prostate Stimulator

30% Bigger. 50% Stronger Vibrations. 1000% Awesome.

18 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$73.95 $52.95

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Product Details

The Size Of A Starship
The Mangasm Voyager is large and built for deep space. It is 30% longer and 30% thicker than the similarly shaped Mangasm Edge. As it is made from hard ABS, the shape allows it to effortlessly glide into your nether regions, even with its increased size.

Vibrates At Warp Speed
Voyager’s larger size let us put an even bigger, more powerful vibrating motor inside. It is powerful enough to shake up your super sensitive prostate, and to rock your entire body too. Suddenly you’ll find a deep system wide quake in the space-time continuum.

Trigger Point Perineum Massage
The specially engineered Perineum Pressure Node is much larger on your Voyager, so you get the ultimate prostate trigger point massage, both inside and out, to generate the best pulse cannon shooting you’ve ever experienced.

Throw Vibro Touch a bone, while you’re at it
While Voyager generates a planet busting explosion deep in the black hole, don’t ignore your Starfleet Command meat tower. Pop a 3-bullet Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch on that big erection and make the entire universe explode.

Mangasm Voyager Large Prostate Stimulator Reviews
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by 18 Users
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Bought this for my husband for two reasons: 1, he's a big man and 2, the toy doesn't look like a woman's sex toy. It's suitably masculine looking so I thought he'd be willing to give it a try. He was. And he was one happy man. I just wish the toy came with a nice storage bag or a box that could be used for storage like some of the vibrators I have.

By eeep, USA

Had the most mind-blowing orgasm ever!

By Lano4ka, miami

Just as big and hard as promised.

By MrGoodTool, Oklahoma

Big and hard, just like I like it. The separate remote control is a plus. It makes it easy to adjust the vibrations without having to do contortions to reach a tiny button at the base of the toy.

By MrWishyWashy, Charlotte, NC

A bit intimidating at first because of its size. But it works and it works well.

By diverbill, NY

I'm a big man with big hands so I appreciated that the handle on this toy is big enough so that I can fit more than my pinky finger through it. A great feature since my partner likes the thrusting sensation so I can get a good grip on the toy, I can easily do this while she controls the vibrations with the remote.

By DreamWolf, Virginia

Those guys like me who have some experience with prostrate play and toys will like that this one's bigger with a super firm perineum tab that has a big round ball at the end of it. Very intense.

By Blake Klink, Omaha

My wife and I are into a little light bondage play sometimes. When she pulled this thing out one night, I wasn't sure what I had gotten into. It's very thick and when she turned on the vibration at maximum level to show me what it could do before inserting it in me, I stared at the beast in somewhat morbid fascination. Long story short, the experience was amazing.

By js250 , USA

Inserts remarkably easy for its size. Great stretching.

By lovebites, LA

when I pulled this beast out of the box it came in, the look on my face must have been something because my partner started to laugh. This thing is huge! So huge I almost didn't want to try it. I didn't think it would fit in my ass. It did with a slow hand and lots of lube. With my partner playing wth my cock and this thing vibrating in my ass, I had the biggest orgasm I ever had.

By tigertiger609, Maryland

My issue with so many prostrate massager toys is that they have a small narrow tab with a little bulb at the end that digs painfully into my flesh instead of providing pressure. The Mangasm Voyager was advertised as having a bigger tab and looked that way from the pictures too. The price is reasonable and I decided to give it a try. The tab is bigger and the ball is also bigger and rounder and gives better prostrate pressure than any other toy I've tried.

By Dude404, Iowa

I'm not a big man, still I like the feeling of deep and fully penetration, This one delivered.

By cdxlv, California

The Mangasm Voyager was a difficult choice for me because I could not decide if I wanted this one, or the smaller version, the Mangasm Edge. Even though I'm relatively inexperienced with anal play, I went for the larger one. Due to the size it was not super easy to use at first, but after 5-6 times of using it, it became comfortable. Just like your website said, it made my orgasm last a long time, and I shot more sperm than ever! Warning: be careful with the vibration - it's powerful.

By Eddie N., New York, NY

I wanted BIG and you guys delivered BIG with this Mangasm Voyager. The shape made the large size very easy to take in. Plus I like that it is made from a hard type of plastic for extra simulation in that place under my balls and in front of my ass hole. Thanks for doing a great job.

By Grant, Annapolis, MD

I did not want to give my real name in this review, sorry for that. I have tried other prostate massagers from Aneros and was looking to try something new to reach my male g spot. Personally, I prefer a larger toy and I prefer a toy that has vibration. The Mangasm Voyager offered both features and the orgasms I've had with it so far are nothing short of amazing. I only recommend you improve your packaging a little bit to look nicer.

By Voyage Lover, USA

I have received the Voyager here in Berlin this morning. My wife insisted to use it on me right away. The size, the vibrator, everything - it is super. I hope soon I can buy the Mangasms in Germany.

By Phil, Berlin, Germany

This Mangasm Voyager is my second purchase of a prostate massage device from your website. First I went with the Alpha because I was a beginner, but after a month or two of using it, I thought I was ready for the BIG one. The prostate massage I experienced was just amazing and I shot so much sperm it was...well.. insane. Can you make something bigger?

By Berghian, Colorado

I bought this as a package deal with the Mangasm Alpha. I've been into prostate stimulation for a couple years now so I thought I'd give a regular model plus a larger one a shot. I reviewed the Alpha separately. The Mangasm Voyager is large and features super strong vibration which made me cum a lot more than normal. I enjoyed the hard perineum tab as well. Only improvement I can recommend is to lower the price.

By Brian S., Carlisle, PA
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