Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

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$89.95 $79.95

Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

MaterialRealistic Cyberskin
TextureVariable With Different Sleeves
Safety FeaturesSimple & Fast To Clean
Powered byYour Arm!
Special FeaturesDiscreet Storage Case
Toy SizeOuter Case: Length: 9” Width: 3.5”

Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

The Toy That Started The Craze

15 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$89.95 $79.95

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Product Details

The Original Game Changer
The original Pink Lady Fleshlight changed male sex toys forever. It has a vagina outer appearance and a smooth interior – just like the real thing. It became an instant best-seller world wide and still is. This is for the purists out there who prefer pussies as they were meant to be – smooth and tight.

Why Choose Fleshlight?
The unique Fleshlight design makes having great orgasms SIMPLE – as they were meant to be. The outer casing holds a realistic interior sleeve which can be easily removed for cleaning. A valve on the bottom releases the air so you can pump it to your heart’s content.

Don’t Forget To Lube Up
Proper lubrication is absolutely essential to enjoying your Fleshlight. Trying to enter a Fleshlight without proper lube would be like packing a 600 pound man into an airplane seat – just ain’t gunna happen. So don’t forget to pick up some lube along with your Fleshlight!

Original Pink Lady Fleshlight Reviews
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This device helped bring me to orgasm but I can't say it was the most intense or most enjoyable orgasm ever. It got the job done but it wasn't super enjoyable. I found it really distracting shoving what looks like a flashlight with a pink rubbery end over my penis.

By Badass, Michigan

Great toy. Feels like a vagina that hasn't been stretched by 5 babies like my wife's. Love my wife and would never tell her that. It's nice to use this thing and imagine what it felt like to be inside her.

By sktb0007, Canada

Lots of people use sex toys to enhance their sex lives. My wife and I use this one for that too with a bit of a twist. For reasons that even the doctors couldn't explain, I started to suffer from premature ejaculation. We tried all the at-home stamina building, delaying techniques when my wife suggested we try this. Sometimes she uses it on me. Sometimes I use it alone. Sometimes I use it before we have sex. It's helping and feels very close to the real thing.

By talon4196, NYC

Better than jacking off by hand. Don't know what it feels like to stick my dick in a real pussy, but i can see why a lot of guys say it feels like the real thing.

By Hallmar82, Kansas

Love the way the toy closes tightly around my cock. The pressure's great and with enough lube I can move this thing as fast and as hard as I want.

By Jerald M L, Washington

I thought this thing would be top heavy with all that silicone. And, yeah, you feel the weight of it but it's not like a hammer where all the weight is at the top and the handle is super light. The whole unit is light and very easy to use. Great product.

By gelHH, CT

Nothing like a tight little fake pussy to start the day off right!

By curiousnwilling, NY

I can cum quickly or I can cum slowly depending on my mood and the speed that I move this toy. That's the beauty of it. You decide. I don't have much else to share other than you've got to try it to know just what I mean.

By spineyogurt, Pacific Northwest

Closest thing I've come across to a real pussy. Of course there's no warm body attached which is a downer. On the plus side there's no drama either.

By BigGuyFunTime, West Virginia

I'd give this thing 6 out of 5 stars for a rating if I could. Great product. Felt surprisingly real.

By eclipse69, Arizona

I live in a rural area in Missouri, so buying a Fleshlight in a sex shop is not an option. I'm somewhat of a beginner with this type of stuff, so thats why I bought the Fleshlight Pink Lady. Not much to say about it except it does exactly what everyone says it does. Can't go anywhere online these days without reading about it. I'm a satisfied customer (very satisfied!).

By Paul, Missouri

I'm a simple guy who was looking for a simple male sex toy. I've found it in the Pink Lady Fleshlight. Easy to clean, easy to store and...easy to fuck. Shipping was fast and the box was discreet. Thanks for an easy transaction

By Ross N., New York

Don't know if this is the best place to write this or not, but my wife is going through menopause and that means our sex life is on pause as well. The Pink Lady Fleshlight has offered some relief, and fairly realistic relief at that. For about $65, I'm a happy camper.

By Norm, Toronto, CA

I know a woman probably does not normally write a testimonial for you guys, but I couldn't resist! My boyfriend bought this Pink Lady Fleshlight from you all last week. We've found 100 ways to play with it - including tying him up and me using it on him while sitting on his face. Oops, was that too much information? = )

By Jane, IL

Since I was new to Fleshlights, I went with the Original Pink Lady Fleshlight. Honestly, it feels just like a woman. I was very surprised about how life like it was, plus it doesn't smell weird. Since this one was good, next month I'll try another one, probably that one that helps you last longer. Thanks guys!

By Jason, New Mexico
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