Pink Lady Vibro Touch

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$119.95 $99.95

Pink Lady Vibro Touch

MaterialRealistic Cyberskin
TextureVariable With Different Sleeves
Safety FeaturesSimple & Fast To Clean
Powered by3 Vibrating Bullets - LR44 Batteries
FunctionsIncludes 3 Vibrating Bullets
Special FeaturesThe Only Vibrating Fleshlight
Toy SizeOuter Case: Length: 9” Width: 3.5”

Pink Lady Vibro Touch

Vibration adds to the fun!

18 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$119.95 $99.95

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Product Details

Powerful Vibrations At Its Best
The Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch takes an ordinary Pink Lady Fleshlight and turns it into something extraordinary by adding powerful vibration. This model comes with three powerful vibrating bullets, but you can decide to use one, two or all three depending on the amount of simulation you want to receive. The interior sleeve of the Fleshlight Vibro Touch features hundreds of 1cm long fingers that transfer the vibration right onto your shaft. As far as Fleshlights go, the power and intensity of the Pink Lady Vibro Touch is unmatched!

For Additional Pleasure
If you are feeling a little adventurous, use one of our vibrating Mangasm tools at the same time for a truly unforgettable experience.

Pink Lady Vibro Touch Reviews
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by 18 Users
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It's a masturbation sleeve and with enough lubricant it gets the job done. But there's no way it looks or even feels like a real vagina. Really, really bad marketing.

By Mrs.Intensity, California

The vibrations intensive the tightness of the fake vagina part of the toy to make it more enjoyable to use. I wish there was more than one vibration setting.

By kodiak, Southeast

An amazing masturbation experience.

By 0Crash0, New Mexico

I'd call this thing a revamping of a classic fleshlight. Thank you for thinking to add bullets to the design. Wow.

By daaddison8991, la

This thing shocked me. But in a good way. I never expected it to feel so real.

By <3BF, Midwest

My bought this for me as a birthday present. I like to use it for solo play. It's even better to use when I'm traveling for work and I end the day listening to my wife's sexy phone sex voice. I can almost imagine that I'm really with her.

By Tork48309, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Has really good vibrations. Not too strong but not so weak that you feel like you're being tickled instead of stimulated.


I didn't think adding vibration to what's basically a rubber masturbation sleeve would make much of a different. Consider me proved wrong.

By Krill, Canada

This toy so far exceeded my expectations that I don't even know what to write about it. Calling it amazing seems so inadequate. But it is.

By Master DarkWolf, Colorado

I can use this toy to extend the pleasure of my orgasms. I like to turn on and off the vibrating bullets when I feel like I'm going to orgasm which extends my pleasure in ways another sex toy hasn't been able to do.

By clockwork451, United States

No real pussy has ever vibrated like this thing does. Still it's a barrel load of cum fun.

By Procaine, California

The tightness of the fake vagina and the rubbery flexibility of the fake pussy lips felt great on my cock. Add those vibrating bullets and pleasure levels skyrocket.

By Phosphorous Tick, Ontario

Great sensations. Easy to use. Options to use with or without the vibrating bullets. One very, very good product.

By Porygorish, LA

For the first time I've ever experienced in my 52 years on this earth, I finally found a product that works exactly as advertised.

By Abombadong, Freedom!

Kept my hands clean and dry when I came into it. Different experience than when I give myself a hand job.

By amazon, Southwest

The vibrating bullets are what makes this toy great.

By Anndry, NYC

I wouldn't have thought that this toy would be suitable for couples. It seems more like a solo type of toy. My girlfriend is the one who bought it for me. And she's the one who uses it on me too. I don't know what's hotter. Feeling this tight little thing vibrating on my shaft while she's watching me. or just the idea that she's willing to use it on me.

By Basalt, Pennsylvania

Is it better than the real thing? No. And really it's not even close to having a hot woman lying under you or on top of you. Still, it's a good product. I had a much more intense orgasm than I would have just using my hands.

By thebearrrjew, Florida

I'm writing this review to recommend one thing to guys: buy the Mangasm Buzz and buy this Pink Lady Vibro Touch Fleshlight. Turn them both on at the same time, and do your thing. You can thank me later.

By Mark, San Diego, CA

For obvious reasons, I cannot give my real name. I'm a big fan of the Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch. I originally bought a regular Pink Lady, but after a while I needed something more - something that felt better and could get me off faster. Sometime, when I put my penis into the sleeve, I don't even need to move it - the vibrations are enough to make me cum. Super product, super website, super people to deal with. Would buy from again, any day.

By Fleshlight Man, Earth

My boyfriend and I just bought one of these (sharing is caring) and want to tell you how super we both think it is. I won't get into the x rated details, but the Fleshlight Vibro Touch is one of the most satisfying sex toys we've come across, and we've come across a lot of toys. No pun intended. = p

By Alex, Boulder CO

Greetings from Paris! Sorry my English! Fleshlight is not yet in France, so I should order from your USA site. The feeling of Pink Lady Vibro Touch Fleshlight is fantastic, and I feel sad French people do not have them yet in France! Shipping was fast, we thank you for that.

By Cristi, Paris, France

I already own two different Fleshlights, but I didn't own a Fleshlight Vibro Touch until now. The strength of the vibrating bullets was much stronger than expected. I'm sad to say I can't last longer than 5 minutes with it, but with some practice, I should be able to reach at least 10!

By Jeremy, Cleveland, OH
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