Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

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$89.95 $79.95

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

MaterialRealistic Cyberskin
TextureVariable With Different Sleeves
Safety FeaturesSimple & Fast To Clean
Powered byYour Arm!
Special FeaturesDiscreet Storage Case
Toy SizeOuter Case: Length: 9” Width: 3.5”

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

The Tornado Patterned Fleshlight

13 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$89.95 $79.95

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Product Details

You’ll Wonder About This Wave
Imagine you’re relaxing on a warm tropical beach. A beautiful native girl is deep throating you. Suddenly an irresistible tsunami wave comes in and off you go.
That’s what it feels like when the tight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave stroker, with its remarkable raised wave pattern inside, gets to work on you. One second you’re on the beach. The next you’re sucked right off.

Like Other Fleshlights – But Better
As you know, every Fleshlight consists of a plastic outer casing with a fleshy interior sleeve that can be easily removed for cleaning. You control the suction effect with a vent on the bottom of the plastic casing. This Fleshlight gained notoriety around the world for its pattern – hard to explain – but easy to feel once you try it.

Don’t Forget To Lube Up
Proper lubrication is absolutely essential to enjoying your Fleshlight. Trying to enter a Fleshlight without proper lube would be like packing a 600 pound man into an airplane seat – just ain’t gunna happen. So don’t forget to pick up some lube along with your Fleshlight!

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave Reviews
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The lips feel fake and that textured shaft I shoved my dick in felt fake. No woman is built that way and I was looking for something that was going to be the next best thing to real. Hugely disappointed since I had expected so much more. Maybe if you keep your expectations low you'll like this product.

By Mike Zen, Mississippi

Here's a tip for you guys. The Wonder Wave feels real but lacks the warmth you'd get from a real body. So I heated up the sleeve with warm water for an even more realistic feel. Of course sex with a real woman is much better. Overall a good product and gave me better orgasms than I would have using my hands.

By Doublenut, Florida

A nice addition to my collection with the same discreet flashlight-looking casing that the other fleshlights have.

By Jeff Steen, lansdale

This thing gave me out of this world stroking sensations. I'm a visual guy so my only complaint is the ridiculous color of those lips. Why design something that feels so real but has a fake cany pink tint that I've never seen on any woman.

By Gluesnffr, Mississippi

There aren't any moving parts on this thing. Still there's something about the way its designed that made me feel that I was actually being sucked. The handy discreet case is a plus too.

By misterazor, kzoo

It felt like I was slipping into the hottest, wettest mouth ever. That rippled inner love tunnel is unbelievably good.

By Dre' Fuller, Houston

Love the way these firm lips press around my cock. There's something about the inside texture that makes it feel amazing.

By SkylarrStarr, Midwest

Nice and tight.

By redmonkey, Wyoming

I got this Fleshlight Vortex as a package deal with a Mangasm Alpha just last weekend. I immediately washed them off and used both at the same time. I don't normally take time to write reviews or testimonials of products, but the feeling was so intense I only thought it was fair to write you guys and tell you. Thanks for the friendly emails and quick service.

By Buford, Louisville, KY

Why did shipping take 48 hours when it is supposed to ship the same day? Other than that shipping glitch, my Vortex Fleshlight came in a nice discreet box and was a pleasure to use. But please, make your shipping faster.

By Chris N., Bollingbrook, IL

The mouth shape is a big plus for me on this Vortex Fleshlight. I use it in a twisting motion to get the most out of the inner texture. Kudos to the engineers who made it. As an engineer myself, I would have been happy to work on this project.

By Javier, Arizona

The inner texture of the Vortex is not my favorite. Actually, I prefer the Vibro Touch - just feels better. I won't try to return it or anything, but I don't think its the best one.

By Frederick, Maryland

Shipping to Hong Kong was a little pricey and took a while but it was worth the wait. Glad my parents didn't catch me too - the discreet box was a big help. I prefer the mouth shape of the Pink Mouth Vortex and am satisfied with my purchase.

By Wenyi, HK
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