Plump Enhancing Cream

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Plump Enhancing Cream

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Plump Enhancing Cream

Better Sex in a Tube

12 Reviews
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$13.95 $10.95

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Product Details

A Tempting Tingle
If you’re ready to go, you don’t want to wait for pills to work their way through your digestive system - you want results now, and you deserve them. Plump Enhancing Cream gives you what you want right away, starting with an immediate tingle and ending with a larger, more sensitive rod that makes good sex into great sex.

Get Closer To The Edge
Plump Enhancing Cream is made with aloe and shea butter, moisturizing your skin and leaving it conditioned with every stroke; try it during masturbation for a uniquely decadent feel. This topical cream feels good going on so you’ll feel good getting off - and honestly, what could be better than that? A 2 oz tube ensures that this fantastic sexual enhancer can travel with you on vacation, and upside-down design gives you every last drop.

Plump Enhancing Cream Reviews
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As soon as I put on the cream I could feel the blood rush down to my penis making it feel fuller almost instantly. Plus, the cream makes everything really smooth and soft...

By Jonas, Germany

Both my wife and I have agreed that this is to make a regular appearance in the bedroom.

By Harry B., Alexandria, Louisiana

Great product that works just as described.

By Ben, American Fork, UT

LUV it! Makes me seem thicker and it feels awesome for me like I'm more aroused than ever.

By Hard On, Toronto, Ontario

I've been using this product regularly for the past few months, and both my wife and I agree it really adds a sexy element to our sex sessions.

By Kim, Fresno, California

I'm not really sure I'm falling for this. It succeeded in making my penis tingle, and make me horny, but it didn't make it GROW!

By H.R., Virginia

My wife bought me this for Christmas, and at first I was offended but then I decided to give it a try. I felt more aroused as the blood went to my penis, and shee took one look at my plumped cock and I knew this christmas gift was not just for me - it was for both us. We had amazing sex that night and many times since!

By N.P., Burlington, Vermont

AMAZING! Instantly feel not only bigger but more aroused. And I can often go again right after I cum! I've never done that

By Feelin Good, Vancouver, B.C.

It's a good product, but the bottle is a bit small. I use it regularly so would like to purchase a bigger one.

By Cliff, United Kingdom

I wasn't sure about this, but I've used it a couple of times and I have to say it works as promised. Only thing is, that my wife doesn't really like the taste, so when I put it on there's no BJs for me. But the sex it great because she's so turned on by my new size. So, it's something we only use about half the time depending on our moods.

By Richie, California

I put the cream on in the bathroom and then came into the bedroom where my girlfriend was waiting. She took one look at me and threw me down on the bed. She couldn't wait to get her hands on my big member

By F.R., Nashville, TN

I can't believe it took me so long to find something like this! It's like that limp plumping stuff my girlfriend always uses to make it look like she had botox - but for my cock! It's awesome, and it works really good. It makes her extra horny to feel me bulging inside her.

By Nick, New York, NY
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