Sidekick Sleeve 2

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$25.95 $23.95

Sidekick Sleeve 2

Safety FeaturesPhthalate Free
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Special FeaturesHypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Single Entry
Toy SizeLength: 4.50" Width: 2.00"

Sidekick Sleeve 2

Magical peter eater puts a pleasure spell on you.

12 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$25.95 $23.95

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Product Details

Best Value For Money
When you are looking to buy a masturbation sleeve – of course cost is a factor. Although this knob gobbler isn’t made from cyberskin, which tends to be costly – it is made from an excellent TPR which feels great on your cock and is easy to clean.
nterior Textures To Die For
Ok, we don’t want you to really die, but this knob gobbler will feel so good you’ll think you died and went to heaven. All for only $20!
Just Give It A Try
At such a low price – what’s not to love about this lovely blue masturbator?  Keep one in your car, one at your office, and one in your bedroom drawer!

Sidekick Sleeve 2 Reviews
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I think the Sidekick Sleeve has too much give. I prefer something a little firmer that doesn't feel like I'm going to tear it if I have a rough session with it.

By gr711, USA

Great vacuum effect when you begin to thrust. The ridges are good too. The only reason I don't give it a 5-star rating is because while the toy can be cleaned, it can't be sterilized. This is fine for solo fun, but could cause a problem if you want to share it.

By Aalexstormss, Tennessee

Everything about this toy works from its size, to its texture, to the overall feel. Even the price is great. I have absolutely no complaints!

By Gav35, California

I really enjoyed this toy. It has these amazing ridges that feel so good. If I'm not careful, I'm going to use this so much that I'll make myself raw.

By kenshriner, Utah

I enjoyed the experience and might buy a couple more for this price. In case this one wears out.

By jackschoenberger, California

The toy comes with a plastic box that I use as storage. For me this is a definite bonus. The material is soft and stretchy and also attracts every fuzzy within a 20 foot radius. These don't affect the way the toy performs, based on my experiences, but they're annoying as hell. The box keeps it clean.

By Amedians, Georgia

No mechanics makes this toy easy to use and you never have to worry about making sure you have enough charged batteries around the house. It'll always be ready when you are.

By Danny6789, Rhode Island

As far as sext toys are concerned, this one is very basic. Don't get me wrong, it works incredibly well without have any gadgets, batteries or other do-dads. A very affordable and great feeling alternative to masturbating by hand.

By abrahamgpg, Alabama

Much softer than a bare hand. The sleeve is also nice and stretchy and has rings inside it that create amazing friction.

By thelenny, Massachusetts

Dorm living doesn't leave for a lot of privacy. I like this thing because it's small and it works. Plus it makes no noise so it's not an instant giveaway when I pull this thing out.

By cloudstrife, Texas

The open-ended sleeve made it easy for me to choose how much of my penis to stimulate, depending on my mood. It also made clean-up easy. The ribbed texture works best when used in a stroking motion.

By Arzak, California

Give similar sensations to the more expensive and less discreet fleshlight. But it's smaller and cheaper even if it can't be passed off as a flashlight.

By tigertony, New Jersey
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