Supreme Head Exciter | Vibrating Knob Gobbler

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Supreme Head Exciter | Vibrating Knob Gobbler

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Supreme Head Exciter | Vibrating Knob Gobbler

Shake. Shimmy. Blow your head off.

16 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$82.95 $70.95

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Product Details

Use Your Head
Just lube up the head of your penis and put it in. SHE does the rest. Talk about a labor saving device - SHE does all the stroking and thrusting for you.   You just lie back like the High Koobah of Monkey Spank and let it happen. Suddenly there’s a whole new meaning to ‘Head Game’.
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
SHE comes in two speeds -  HUMMER and WHIP. And so will you. You can use the easy sliding control to change speeds right in the middle of a self - therapy session, and go from frenzy right to insanity at the push of a button.
Rippled Texture For Maximum Enjoyment
SHE has 3 full inches of soft, silky, slippery tight texture inside with enough massaging knob nubs to stimulate every ridge and ripple on your head.  This will take your hard wooden head and sand it down to a soft toothpick! Cleans in seconds!

Supreme Head Exciter | Vibrating Knob Gobbler Reviews
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HOLY FEELS GOOD BATMAN!!! This things feels awesome!

By NoMore Hands, My Bedroom

The vibrations are really easy to control and it feels incredible. I feel a bit dirty getting so much pleasure out of a plastic thing, but I can't argue with amazing orgasms!

By Mark F., Vancouver, Canada

Great masturbator and really good quality. I think it will last a while. Just wish it had different inserts to buy like the Fleshlight.

By Ian, Seattle

I've never tried the Fleshlight but I have seen it in a store, and this thing is definitely comprable, but the price is so much lower!

By L.B., North Carolina

4 stars only because of the amount of batteries it takes. I had to buy an extra set of rechargeables because i only had 2.

By Tim, California

Exactly what I hoped it would be.

By Ryan B., Miami, FL

If you don't want to have to count on a woman anymore when you're horny, then get this! It's so lifelike, like a woman sucking your cock and so much less drama!

By J.V., Canada

I bought this for my husband because he was jealous of all the toys we'd bought for me. He enjoys it so much I wish us females had something the same!

By Clarice, Morris, IL

This is so good! I've bought cheaper ones before and they fell apart but I've had this for a long time and it still works like new.

By Earl B., Vegas

The extreme head exciter does exactly what the name promises! It felt so good that I almost came after just one minute! The vibrations and the rubbing together are so intense, and it's so easy to use and even clean!

By Justin, Helena, MT

I lost my old fleshlight and decided to try this. It's feels almost the same, and it's A LOT cheaper! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good product at a bargain price

By T.J., New Jersey

Since I've been using this regularly I've been able to last longer during sex. like 3 times longer!

By Carl, South Carolina

Really good quality, but I wish the batteries would last just a little bit longer.

By Jonathon, Rhode Island

I bought this for my husband to use when I'm not home, but one day I wanted to watch him use it. I couldn't believe how turned on he was, and he came so hard! Now we use it during foreplay with some of other toys.

By Marie, Cranston

The shipping was fast and discreet, and the toy was actually a lot better quality than I was expecting at this price. I'm very happy with my purchase.

By Ryan D., Venice, FL

It's take a significant amount of effort making myself orgasm using my hand. Sometimes my stroking gets so vigorous my hand clamps up. Thought I'd give this little beauty a try. It doesn't look sexy but man does it work!

By alanboro, Utah
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