Tantus Pro Touch Prostate Massager

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$69.95 $64.95

Tantus Pro Touch Prostate Massager

TextureVery smooth
Safety FeaturesSuper safe silicone material
Powered byAG3 Battery
FunctionsCreates g-spot orgasms
Special FeaturesHypoallergenic, Latex Free, Made in USA, Phthalate Free, Waterproof
Toy SizeLength: 4.60" Width: 1.20"

Tantus Pro Touch Prostate Massager

Vibrating Finger-Like Prostate Massager

20 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$69.95 $64.95

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Product Details

Unique Shaped Prostate Massager
While most prostate massagers use various ergonomic shapes, this model is the only one we know of that specifically was made to look and feel like a finger.  Many people enjoy prostate massager using their own, or a partner’s finger. For those looking for that experience – this product will not disappoint.
Experience The Most Intense Orgasms Ever
The Pro Touch will increase the force and intensity of the male orgasm by over 200%. It will extend orgasm time by 7 to 14 seconds, and it will make your erection bigger, stiffer and longer lasting.
Cleans Up In A Jiffy
Lets face it – you’ll be sticking this up your bum so you want the material to be safe and clean up to be easy.  Since its made from silicone – it can be cleaned, 100%, after every use. Beware of inferior products, as silicone is the only safe material for anal play.

Tantus Pro Touch Prostate Massager Reviews
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This is not be the best toy for hands-free use when the vibration setting is on. The vibrations kept twisting the tip around so it wasn't pressing where it should have been which took away from the experience. Works good if you're okay with holding onto it the whole time.

By ChaosZero, Houston

The picture makes it look bigger than it is which made me not want to buy it in the first place. The shape interested me enough to read more and find out it's not much bigger in size than a typical finger. Glad I reconsidered.

By RomanticGoth, LA

I like the way the width expansion of the product is fast. Makes for great sensations.

By blargen, Dallas

A soft enough silicone so even the beginner doens't need to worry about internal damage. Shiny surface means everything gets nice and slick when lubed up.

By hjtee, Labrador, Canada

Nice ridges and bulges. Good angled tip that gave me good prostrate pressure. Definitely gave me a better orgasm.

By shnsmth6, Conroe, TX

Overall I'm happy with it. Wish there was a bigger flange or ridge or whatever you call it at the bottom. It doesn't give much gripping power. Great vibrations strength and shape.

By Sugoi, Cali

You get way more product than you pay for. I'm surprised it isn't more expensive than it is! Feels like a much more expensive toy.

By ThunderThighs, Virginia

I like to insert it right up to the flange. Love the angle and the various thickness sizes. Great, great product.

By AishiteruYO, Kansas

Lighweight and affordable. Good to use with or without the vibrations.

By iabicpl09, Ohio

Love the shape but don't always want to experience vibrations. The added vibrations make me cum too quickly. One time I had turned the unit off and must have moved enought to accidently turn it on. I was finished within seconds. Now I take out the bullet to make sure that doesn't happen again.

By AshPuf, Florida

I'm a germ phobe and like whatever I use to be clean. When I read that this thing was boilable, I thought it was an advertising gimmick. Still, I tried it anyways. It's probably been boiled between 10 to 15 times so far. Everything still works great.

By disenchanted, texas

Reasonably priced. Good angle to it that put the perfect amount of pressure on my prostrate. Gives me deeper and more satisfying orgasms.

By SassySam, Louisiana

The silicone material gives the toy some more flexibility which I like.

By usmc71385, IN

Great angle. Great vibration. Couldn't be happier with this product.

By amenti, midwest

It's a good size. Not too big and not too small. It has a flanged bottom that reduced the chance of it getting stuck up your behind. At least that what I thought when I looked at it for the first time which made me feel more secure about using it.

By ChrisRNympho, Montana

In our late 40s we decided to experiment with the swinging life and over the last few years have gathered a collection of fun sex toys. One thing we're very picky about is the ability to thoroughly clean the toys and this one lives up to what we look for in a toy. This toy is even bleachable which is great for us. Works wonderfully too.

By r00ster, Utah

Pleasant vibrations and the angle of the shaft is good for getting in the right spot for the best prostrate massage.

By ArchVixen, PNW

The vibrating bullet give mild vibrations so anyone looking for something stronger will be disappointed. I wasn't. The level of vibration is perfect for the shape of the toy.

By amplified66, CT

I don't think I've had such a firm hard-on since I was a horny teenage boy. Forget viagra for increasing blood flow to your dick. Try this instead.

By Shanedawson608, Missouri

Very impressed. It's designed so you can sit on it. I very much you suggest you take advantage of this feature. You won't be disappointed!

By Mlapierr, Indiana
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