Ultra Harness

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Ultra Harness

MaterialNylon, PVC, Plastic.
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Special FeaturesAdjustable
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Ultra Harness

Adjustable Vac-U-Lock Harness

13 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$28.95 $24.95

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Product Details

Perfect For All Users
Designed for comfortable wear and performance, this harness uses the vac-u-lock system, a versatile interchangeable dildo system. This harness can adjust up to a 44” waist and has an open crotch for added comfort. An opening below the attachment plug is high enough for a man’s natural cock, making it easy to use for both men and women. With a multitude of available attachments, you’ll never have to wonder how to spice up your evening activities again.

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The Vac-U-Lock system has a wide variety of dildos, plugs and other insertable toys, all easily and securely connected to the base plug with just a push. A natural vacuum, built up via the triple-tier plug design, ensures that dildos don’t “wobble” during intense thrusting and play. Enjoy the experience that thousands already have with a Vac-U-Lock harness!

Ultra Harness Reviews
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This is really good quality. It should last a long time. It is also comfortable.

By N.V., Quebec, Canada

Buyers Beware!! This is only a harness. There is no dong attached. I ordered it thinking there was, and was VERY disappointed when it arrived. That being said, I've since got the dongs, and it's a really g

By Carlie, Guelph, Ontario

Hands down the most comfortable and easy-to-use style of harness around. When you're choosing your dong, go ahead and choose a few. If not, you'll be back for more soon anyways.

By Julie, Orlando, Florida

This is a really great harness, and it's so easy to swith the different dongs. We've got a collection already.

By Lani P, Madison, Wisconsin

This is the second harness by Vac-u-lock that I've got. It's the most comfortablel I've ever tried and it never slips during sex. I have three of the vac-u-lok dildos that you can buy seperately, and guys just go crazy when I bring them all out for a little fun! Tip: the vibrating cocks are awesome!

By Seductress, Laredo, TX

Great way to act out some serious fantasies. My man put it on and penetrated both holes. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it!!

By Liy S, Spokane, Washingon

I wasn't sure I would like the mounting system. I thought it would break easy. I've had it for about 5 months now, and it's great. No real complaints.

By Leah, Louisiana

Love it. Recommend for all couples who want to spice it up!

By C. Jacobs, Colorado

Great set whether you're experienced or just getting started. Lots of options, the attachments are fairly cheap, and the whole thing works really well together.

By B.H.T, New Mexico

Vac-u-lok works really well, and has lots of different attachments that can be used. The price is really good too.

By Sara D, Tuscon, AZ

Great harness system. i've used it on my wife (DP BABY!!!) and she's used it on me. Both ways we get a really good time out of it.

By Heather T, Chesapeake, Virginia

My wife bougth this about a year ago and it's still working well. The straps have gotten a little loose, but we just tie a knot if we're having rough sex and that solves the problem.

By Sandra, Quebec, Canada

Really great harness, and the whole Vac-U-Lock system is a stroke of genius. The attachments stay tight against your body, and the harness stays in place.

By Molly, Guelph, Ontario
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