Regular orgasms are old and boring. But Mangasms are new and exciting! Find out about all of the new ways you can have even better orgasms on Whether you choose a prostate stimulator, a realistic vagina, an Autoblow, or one of our great strokers - we guarantee you'll be enjoying yourself more than ever before, in no time.

1.Prostate Massage = Your Key To Great Orgasms?

If you’ve been having regular old orgasms from playing with your partner, using your hand, or even a toy, then you are in for a surprise. As you probably know by now, prostate stimulation can help you have the best orgasms of your life. A prostate orgasm lasts longer than an ordinary orgasm and also causes you to shoot a LOT more semen. Just as women have g spots, you have your own male g spot – your prostate. The Mangasm tools are designed to give you a prostate massage in a safe and very comfortable way – a far cry from ordinary anal massage toys.

2.Get Ready For A Prostate Orgasm

What should you do to prepare for what might be your first experience with prostate stimulation, or maybe even your first prostate orgasm? Relax! A lot of guys feel nervous that reaching their prostate involves a kind of anal massage. A lot of guys might even be uncomfortable with the very idea of prostate massage! They think: putting what, where? But seriously guys, the Mangasm toys are all so small, and made to such exact specifications that you won’t even know you are putting something where the sun doesn’t shine! So get started today and have a male g spot orgasm – you won’t be disappointed – guaranteed!