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  1. Stamina Training Unit
    Stamina Training Unit

    Train yourself to last longer in bed

    97% of 100

    Trains You To Last Longer
    Lets face it – women judge men based on how long we last. Pop too soon and you’ll be a laughing stock! That’s whe...More details »

    Retail Price $89.95 Web Only Price $79.95
  2. Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight
    Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight

    Fuck Jenna Haze, Sort Of…

    98% of 100

    Just Like The Real Thing
    Jenna Haze is a multi award winner. But it wasn’t her good looks, her high intelligence or her sparkling personality t...More details »

    Retail Price $99.95 Web Only Price $84.95
  3. Fleshlight Flight Discreet Masturbator
    Fleshlight Flight Discreet Masturbator

    Smaller, More Discreet & Less Expensive

    90% of 100

    High Quality But Less Expensive
    Fleshlight invented this particular toy for guys who wanted to spend less on a Fleshlight but to get something th...More details »

    Retail Price $79.95 Web Only Price $49.95
  4. Pink Lady Vibro Touch
    Pink Lady Vibro Touch

    Vibration adds to the fun!

    97% of 100

    Powerful Vibrations At Its Best
    The Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch takes an ordinary Pink Lady Fleshlight and turns it into something extraordi...More details »

    Retail Price $119.95 Web Only Price $99.95
  5. Original Pink Lady Fleshlight
    Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

    The Toy That Started The Craze

    96% of 100

    The Original Game Changer
    The original Pink Lady Fleshlight changed male sex toys forever. It has a vagina outer appearance and a smooth interior – just like the real thing. It became an instant best-seller world wide and still...More details »

    Retail Price $89.95 Web Only Price $79.95
  6. Anal Vibro Touch
    Anal Vibro Touch

    The vibrating Fleshlight for anal lovers

    The Fleshlight Anal Vibro Touch is the favorite anal Fleshlight of men all over the world. Molded from the perfectly formed ass hole of one of the Fleshlight models, this toy feels even better than the real thing. Why? Because of the intense inter...More details »

  7. Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal
    Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal

    Totally Transparent – Watch The Action

    80% of 100

    Watch It All Go Down
    The Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal, with its stimulating internal texture, delivers the best blow job ever. But there’s more: it’s totally transparent. So you can watch as you push yourself into that ultra ...More details »

    Retail Price $89.95 Web Only Price $79.95
  8. The Pure Fleshlight
    The Pure Fleshlight

    The no-BS masturbator

    Applying Science To Your Cock
    Since a woman’s pussy, mouth and ass are all designed to do more than one thing, they don’t do any of them well. So the kind folks at Fleshlight had their scientists and engineers apply pure scie...More details »

    Retail Price $89.95 Web Only Price $79.95
  9. Realistic Anal Fleshlight
    Realistic Anal Fleshlight

    Smooth Interior Is Just Like The Real Thing

    When You Prefer Hole Number 2
    Lets cut straight to the point – sometimes anal sex is exactly what you need. But when a willing asshole isn’t in the cards for you – this anal Fleshlight is sure to do the trick. Not only does...More details »

    Retail Price $89.95 Web Only Price $79.95

9 Items

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