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  1. Mangasm Super Pump
    Mangasm Super Pump

    Top Of The Line Electronic Pump

    Go Fully Electronic!
    You’ve all seen the old style manually operated pumps with the cheap plastic tubes, aquarium tubing, and ineffective handle pumps. When buying a pump, there’s no reason to waste your money on one of those cheap...More details »

    Retail Price $189.95 Web Only Price $99.95
  2. Quick Draw Vacuum Pump
    Quick Draw Vacuum Pump

    Trigger-Powered Penis Pump

    89% of 100

    Click, Click Boom
    If you want your sex life to get more explosive, look no further than this trigger-powered pump. The comfortable hand-held mech...More details »

    Retail Price $49.95 Web Only Price $37.95
  3. Top Gauge Pro Pressurized Pump
    Top Gauge Pro Pressurized Pump

    Gauge Your Growth

    90% of 100

    Crank The Dial
    You know what you want out of a penis pump - results! The Top Gauge Pro features a suction-measuring dial that allows the user to watch their progress as they pull the trigger handle and expand in the cylinder belo...More details »

    Retail Price $99.95 Web Only Price $79.95
  4. Mega Grip XL Power
    Mega Grip XL Power

    XL-Sized Erections

    44% of 100

    Not Your Average Pump
    Even big guys want to get bigger, which is why the Mega Grip XL Power is made to enhance even oversized users. With a clear cylinder that features over 9” of length to use, an already-impressive rod will b...More details »

    Retail Price $119.95 Web Only Price $93.95
  5. Auto Vac Power Pump
    Auto Vac Power Pump

    Motorized Suction Satisfaction

    91% of 100

    Electrify Your Sex Life
    Pumping is a great way to get a bigger, harder erection, but sometimes the need to constantly pull a trigger or plunger to increase suction can be distracting. Take back the pleasure with the Auto Vac Powe...More details »

    Retail Price $129.95 Web Only Price $109.95
  6. Deluxe Vibrating Power Pump
    Deluxe Vibrating Power Pump

    Get Hard & Buzzed

    95% of 100

    Pimp Your Pump
    Sure, using a penis pump helps you get a bigger, stronger erection, but shouldn’t it be hot experience too? The Deluxe Vibrating Power Pump adds more fun with a powerful multispeed vibrator strapped to the outsid...More details »

    Retail Price $69.95 Web Only Price $59.95
  7. Performance VX2 Pump
    Performance VX2 Pump

    Results You Can See

    93% of 100

    Measure Up To Greatness
    The Performance VX2 Pump puts the power of penis enhancement at your fingertips. In addition to watching your erection grow inside the clear cylinder, you’ll be able to watch the pressure dial move with ...More details »

    Retail Price $69.95 Web Only Price $59.95
  8. Performance VX1 Pump
    Performance VX1 Pump

    Motor-Powered Penis Pump

    88% of 100

    All-In-One Solution
    The Performance VX1 Pump is exactly the enhancement tool you’ve been searching for, combining a clear, measurement-marked c...More details »

    Retail Price $78.95 Web Only Price $69.95

8 Items

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