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  1. Max Load 60 Count Bottle
    Max Load 60 Count Bottle

    Big Finish in a Bottle

    92% of 100

    Have a Blast
    An orgasm is, naturally, already pretty awesome - but what if it could be even better? Max Load uses a proprietary blend of herbs, m...More details »

    Retail Price $55.95 Web Only Price $49.95
  2. Plump Enhancing Cream
    Plump Enhancing Cream

    Better Sex in a Tube

    92% of 100

    A Tempting Tingle
    If you’re ready to go, you don’t want to wait for pills to work their way through your digestive system - you want results now, and you deserve them. Plump Enhancing Cream gives you what you want right away,...More details »

    Retail Price $13.95 Web Only Price $10.95
  3. Max Size 60 Count Bottle
    Max Size 60 Count Bottle

    Increase Erection Size and Function

    90% of 100

    Measure Up
    Enjoying spontaneous sex means that using a pump, ring or other enhancement method might not be possible right before getting busy. Taking Max Size as a daily sexual supplement ensures that you’re always ready for ac...More details »

    Retail Price $43.95 Web Only Price $39.95
  4.  Sta Erect Cream
    Sta Erect Cream

    Topical Penis Desensitizing Cream

    63% of 100

    Hard and Ready
    During a particularly good sexual experience, it can be a struggle not to get overwhelmed with pleasure and finish a little ahead of schedule. When your partner’s begging for more but you’re not sure if you can...More details »

    Retail Price $18.95 Web Only Price $12.95
  5. Julian’s Rock Hard Cream
    Julian’s Rock Hard Cream

    Performance-Enhancing Penis Cream

    Control Your Climax
    This cream contains a gentle numbing agent that will help the user stay in control and hold off their orgasm until they’re ready. This allows them to properly satisfy their partner and truly enjoy their own ...More details »

    Retail Price $64.95 Web Only Price $59.95
  6. Stallion Delay Cream
    Stallion Delay Cream

    Hold Your Horses

    90% of 100

    Wild Horse, Wild Man
    Every tube of Stallion Delay Cream has the power to satisfy both users and their partners for many, many nights. This topical cream is gently rubbed onto the head of the penis prior to a sexual encounter, whe...More details »

    Retail Price $14.95 Web Only Price $11.95
  7. Prolonger Spray
    Prolonger Spray

    Sexual Control Spray

    96% of 100

    Pump to Pump Away
    Sure, it’d be great to simply wish your way to a better, more fulfilling sex life, but until that capability arises, Prolonger Spray is here to bridge the gap. A special desensitizing spray intended for bedroo...More details »

    Retail Price $28.95 Web Only Price $21.95
  8. Sta-Hard Cream
    Sta-Hard Cream

    Keep Them Coming Back

    90% of 100

    Small Tube, Big Results
    Sta-Hard is a better, longer performance in a tube and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. Just the right size for travel or occasional sexual boosts, this desensitizing cream will let you...More details »

    Retail Price $24.95 Web Only Price $18.95

8 Items

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