More About Masturbation

Fleshlight Jenna LotusIf you type in the exact phrase 'about masturbation' into Google you get very close to 17 million search results. This is clear evidence that all things related to masturbation are now freely available to anyone who cares to look.

This is quite an amazing change of attitude. As little as 20 years ago you would be hard put to find any masturbation information anywhere. Not on videos, not in books, not in magazines, only perhaps some subtle references in songs, it was a taboo subject. It's as if the internet has suddenly made every subject under the sun, no matter how sensitive, acceptable for debate. The internet, being a largely anonymous source of information, has made it possible for a guy in a Brooklyn basement or a Hong Kong high rise to publish any information about masturbation for the enjoyment, education, an entertainment of anyone that wishes to visit the website.

Information has spread rapidly too. What started out as a few masturbation techniques has now moved on to websites offering stories, forums, FAQ's sex toys and masturbation health information.

For some this will be seen as a further crumbling of Western morals, but when you consider that 95% of the male population worldwide masturbate regularly, it makes sense that they should have the opportunity to learn as much about masturbation as they feel they need to know, and to discover that they are by no means alone in facing certain issues, feelings of guilt, health concerns, and desire to learn more.

As a result of so much of this kind of information on masturbation and other taboo subjects becoming so freely available, certain countries, especially Muslim countries, have introduced technology to filter and often ban such information from being available on search engines.