Adult Anal Toys - Adult anal play, part 1

Mangasm RushIf you are lucky enough to have a willing accomplice in your anal explorations, before you so much as lay a finger on a prostate massage toy, you need to observe basic hygiene. As the receiver of the anal sex play, you need to urinate and have a bowel movement so as to be completely comfortable and confident during the session. After toileting, you need to shower, paying particular attention to your sex organs and anal area to get them thoroughly clean for the pleasures to come.

Once you you're showered, remember this is a session for which you need to feel relaxed. Adult anal toys do feel strange the first time they are used so you need to feel as receptive to the experience as possible. Soft lights and soft music might sound like a lovemaking cliche but they are a cliche because they genuinely work to soothe nerves and calm the senses.

If you want to really chill, ask your partner for a relaxing massage before the session with the adult anal toys. It will relax your whole relax and become more receptive to adult anal toys.

When you are ready, get comfortable by having large soft pillows behind your back. Don't lie down, but prop yourself up against the pillows in a comfortable sitting position. Your partner can place herself between your legs, and of course, at this point you should be naked. She will now have easy access to start exploring you.

Your partner should don a latex glove and start out by lubricating both the adult butt stimulation toy and your anus thoroughly with water based lube. Lubrication is essential at all times so as to make insertion comfortable and movement slick. It's a good idea to get yourself aroused sexually before the adult anal toy is introduced. In part 2, learn how to insert the male prostate tool for maximum pleasure.