Adult Anal Toy - Adult anal play, part 2

Mangasm EdgeWhen the adult anal toy is introduced, have your partner start out slow, make sure she gets the anal entrance receptive and accustomed to the introduction of a toy, and then allow it to be gently inserted. There are no prizes for rushing this session so tell your partner to take her time. When she has successfully inserted the toy for anal play, let it rest inside your anus for a while you get used to the sensation of it.

There is no need to play or move it in or out at all at this stage. Getting your breathing right also does a lot to keep you calm and to enjoy the session more. Steady your breathing, inhaling as the adult anal toy is inserted, and exhaling when it is pulled out. If the toy is correctly and carefully inserted you will start to feel pleasurable sensation on the prostate, and from the thousands of never endings around the anus.

Again, take it easy with the butt massaging toy, don't rush, the rectal membrane is easily torn so avoid rough movements and ensure that the toy and your anus remain well lubricated. As you get used to the powerful sensations you'll be eager to try more sessions.

While your partner massages your prostate, she can, at the same time either massage your penis or press a knuckle against your perineum; the penny sized cluster of nerves located between the testicles and the anus. In fact many adult anal toys are designed to do both at the same time.

You will start to feel a whole variety of superb sensations as your prostate is massaged and your perineum pressed. You may even experience your first Super O, the male multiple orgasm, which can come in wave after powerful wave to create a mind blowing experience.

Once you've finished the session, you can ask your partner to cool you down another relaxing massage, or she may be so turned on by what she has seen that she will want to experiment with the prostate stimulating tool herself. Just remember to disinfect the adult anal toy after each use, and be careful never to introduce a toy to the vagina that has already been in the anus as it can cause infection.