Adult Sex Toys enjoy a boom in sales

Realistic PussyIt is believed the worldwide adult sex toy industry is worth well over billion and is growing by over 30% per annum. At a time when most businesses are finding it tough to keep their heads above water, sex toys have continued to sell well, and the latest trend seems to indicate an uptake of increasingly more expensive and sophisticated designer sex toys.


Sex toy manufacturers such as Swedish firm Lelo are thriving despite the downturn, and despite their sex toys costing well over Their turnover is up 200% year on year. In one recent case, the company sold a pure gold vibrator called Yva to a woman in New Zealand which had to be specially made and flown out to her.


Fleshlight is another company going from strength to strength, continually introducing new ranges of adult sex toys for men at a time when several other businesses are desperately seeking customers. Whole shopping malls may be empty, but people are clicking away online and ordering hundreds of dollars worth of adult sex toys.


Things are set to get even better for adult sex toys as many markets start to crawl out from under the worst of the recession. If people are happy to purchase adult sex toys when times are tough, they could be tempted to spend even more when the economy becomes more buoyant.


This could explain why one South African sex toy designer wants to make the first diamond encrusted sex toy and sell it for million dollars. And why women who used to be content merely with adult sex toys made of cheap plastics now want adult sex toys that would not look out of place next to an i-phone in a Burberry handbag.


Companies such as Lelo have spotted a gap in the market for female-friendly, luxury adult sex toys and lingerie, and television shows such as Sex and the City, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle have empowered women to buy them.