Mind blowing Adult Toys

Mangasm Sex toyThe Mangasm is a range of adult toys designed to be inserted smoothly and comfortably into the anus, and then to easily locate and put pressure on the prostate. It's made of a high-quality, non-porous, silicone and comes in a range of sizes to suit both beginners and the more experienced user.


The Mangasm prostate massager is slim stemmed but with a large head. When water based lube is place on the adult toy and the anus it can glide in easily and start to massage the prostate which can quickly create powerful sexual sensations. While the head of the adult toy massages, the slim stem stimulates the nerve endings at the entrance to the anus.


At the same time the so called P-tab on the Mangasm can be pressed against the dime-sized cluster of nerve endings between the anus and the testicles called the perineum. Once this is done, The Mangasm pivots forward to massage the prostate, and then in turn presses on the perineum for a thrilling prostate massage. The anal-sphincter muscles are able to move the Mangasm back and forth without need of hands.


The pressure on the prostate, known as the male g-spot, is one of the most sensual experiences any man can have. These type of adult toys are also useful as a means of promoting good prostate health by freeing up stagnant blood and seminal fluid which can collect in the prostate, particularly as men reach middle age, and many men have discovered the benefits of regular prostate massage.


These simple but highly effective hands free adult toys are capable of producing what is known as the super orgasm, the multiple orgasm for men, which is remarkably similar to the type of orgasm experienced by women.