Anal Beads - Choosing anal beads

Anal BeadsAnal beads are a very popular form of anal sex play. They come in varying sizes, but the essential concept is that a string of beads is fed into the anus and pushed through to the rectum. The most sexually stimulating moment to pull the beads out of the anus is during orgasm so as to increase the stimulus. The chief pleasure derived from sex beads is their ability to titillate the thousands of nerve endings clustered around the entrance to the anus around the sphincter muscles.

Like all anal toys, anal beads must be thoroughly lubricated along with the anus with a good quality water based lube prior to insertion. This is essential because the anus itself has no natural means of lubrication. It is important to choose prostate beads which are up to the task of being pulled, sometimes with force from the anus. You do not want the string to break and the beads become lodged in the rectum - this can result in embarrassing medical intervention having to be sought.

Choose a string of beads with an easy to grip handle, and which is resistant to force. It's also important to choose a non porous material for your beads. They are usually made from silicone, plastic, rubber, glass or metal. Metal, glass and silicone can be thoroughly disinfected, but some beads that come on a string, which is porous, should not be shared with others as the string cannot be disinfected. The best choice is all silicone with an all silicone string running the length of the beads. Some people prefer to encase the beads in a condom and then dispose of the condom.

The anal beads can be as small as pearls and go up to the size of tennis balls. Some anal bead strings have graduated beads which start out small and culminate in a larger bead. The anal play beginner should start with a smaller size and work up in size as the anus becomes more accustomed to the sensation.

Rectal beads for sex are excellent for play either with a partner, or during solo anal sex play sessions. They can add a powerful new dimension to sex play and are well worth exploring.