Insertion and Removal: Anal Beads

Anal beads are widely considered to be one of the most popular adult toys today. They are used by both men and women and are appreciated for the added stimulation that they deliver to the user. The following are some useful information about butt beads.

• Don’t try and make your beads on your own. That can be very dangerous. Despite how it might appear, the design of butt beads is far from simple. High quality anal beads are designed to ensure that the surface of the beads remains smooth so you don’t accidentally scratch your anal lining. They are also made with high tensile strings that ensure that they do not snap or accidentally break. Finally, to reduce the risk of irritation or discomfort, beads are manufactured out of body safe materials.

• Use water-based Lubrication. As a rule, you should never insert any object into your rectum without using some lubrication. It may be a toy as simple as the rectal stimulating bead or one with more pleasure spots such as the Mangasm Spark. The anal lining may be flexible but it is also very sensitive. Since it does not self-lubricate, you will need to use artificial lubricants when inserting your prostate beads.
There are different types of lubrication that you can choose to use however water based lubrication offers the most appealing options. Unlike oil based lubricants, it does not contain any irritant compounds. It also does not leave stains and streaks on the bed sheet or clothing.

• Keep your beads clean. Don’t forget to clean your anal massage beads after using them. Proper hygiene is important if you wish to protect yourself from harmful germs. You don’t need to do anything overly drastic. You can easily clean your orgasmic beads by using antibacterial water and clean soap. Wash each bead carefully—including the string—and then leave them to dry.

Of courses, as popular as prostate beads might be, they aren’t the best toys for anal stimulation. There are several other toys that you may want to consider for your needs. For instance, you’ll find a rich line of prostate massagers with the Mangasm Line. Mangasm prostate massagers can be used to stimulate the pelvic area in different ways. You can choose from strong vibrating toys such as the Mangasm Edge to Mangasm Elector or light massaging options such as the Mangasm alpha. You can even combine the benefits of both the massager and anal massage beads with the Mangasm Flux.

The Mangasm Flux is an adult toy that is designed with three different spheres along the length. Once inserted, it delivers a similar pleasurable stimulation as prostate beads with the added insurance of a solid silicon frame as opposed to a light string.