Anal Dildos - A brief history of anal dildos

The phallic anal dildo has been around for a long, long time. The earliest known example of an anal dildo is made of siltstone and is dated at 30,000 years ago. One can only hazard a guess at what lubrication was used for such an object, if any were used at all! There are numerous specific references to the use of dildos in Greek literature at least as far back as 411 BC.


Every generation believes it has invented sex, but in the case of the anal dido, while it was invented centuries ago, it has undergone several radical reinventions in the late 20th century and early 21st century. From the earliest days of using wood, stone or tar to mold dildos, today with the use of modern silicone technology and advanced molding techniques, it is possible to recreate a dildo that is authentic to the real penis right down to the last blue vein. Not only are there are anal dildos of all sizes, there are anal dildos that vibrate, that can be bent into any shape, and even double headed dildos which can be simultaneously used by two partners kneeling end to end and rocking back and forth to create the thrusting motion.


Of course, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for and some people insist on nothing but the best to go inside their anus. High end chrome plated steel anal dildos are popular in the BDSM scene because they have both substantial weight and tremendous substance to them. This makes an anal play session one to remember, and the user can either have the chrome plated anal dildo introduced to their anus ice cold straight from the freezer, or boiled in hot water and therefore practically scalding the skin. The idea is to inflict pleasurable torture.


What does the future hold in store for the anal dildo? What new materials and technologies will be applied to make the sensations even more pleasurable? 30,000 years from now will people look at the anal dildos we happily use today and find them as basic and quaintly unsophisticated as the ones we look upon from the past? In all likelihood, that's a yes.