The benefits of Anal Prostate Stimulation

Anal prostate stimulation involves massage the prostate by entering either a finger or an anal sex toy through the anus. If the finger is inserted palm up, wearing a latex glove and plenty of water based lube, the prostate can be identified as a bump just around the root of the penis. To put pressure on this gland is what stimulating the prostate is about.

The prostate reacts to pressure by producing powerful sexual sensations throughout the body. Ana prostate stimulation has become popular because of this, and nowadays there are anal sex toys such as the Mangasm range of prostate massagers specially designed to give effective anal prostate stimulation.

The best way to achieve this kind of massage is with a prostate massager rather than with the fingers because the prostate is two inches inside the anus, and has to be accessed palm up you need long slim fingers to achieve best results, whereas with a prostate massaging toy such as Mangasm, the task is so much easier.

Some doctors also recommend anal prostate stimulation in middle aged guys whose prostate has started to become sluggish. An inflamed prostate can cause problems during urination, there can be pain around the area and an inflamed prostate can even lead to erectile dysfunction or even prostate cancer over time.

If pain is experienced during male g-spot stimulation, the massage should be stopped, and at this stage it is always advisable to seek professional medical advice, and go and check with your physician to ensure your prostate is ok. You may have noticed that doctors often check for the prostate when you go for an annual medical check-up. But provided all is well, prostate stimulation can be an incredibly satisfying way to explore the male g-spot.