Anal Sex Toy - Choosing an anal sex toy

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are a great way to enjoy the rich sensations of anal play while also putting pressure on the prostate. All good butt plugs are flared for safe use, but they can range in size and shape considerably. There are several anal beginner kits on the market. This is an rear end sexual tool designed to customize yourself to inserting an object inside your anus. The beginner kit is modest in size, but once you are past the training stage you can become more ambitious. Some prefer to stay at medium sizes of around 3 inches in girth, but there are anal sex toy butt plugs that can reach up to six inches in girth and height, which is a massive stretch. The largest known butt plug is a whopping 7" in girth!

Anal beads

Anal beads are an anal sex toy that are normally smaller in girth than that of a butt plug, but, being beads, there's a string of popping sensations to be enjoyed as they are pulled out of the rectum. Most anal beads are modest in size and are designed to be pulled out during orgasm; however there are some anal beads available the size of tennis balls. Never underestimate the desire of manufacturers to take things to extremes with butt toys for sex.

Prostate Massagers

This is a relatively new area of sex play for both straight and gay men, but it is catching on fast as guys discover the sensational pleasures to be derived from pleasuring the prostate, known as the male G-spot. The market leader is currently the Aneros Helix, but new prostate products are coming onto the market at pace as demand picks up. Like every other prostate stimulating toy, prostate massagers come in a range of sizes and designs, and many are also designed to simultaneously massage the perineum, the small cluster of nerve ending between the testicles and the anus.

Always choose quality over price because safety during anal sex play is very important. Most anal sex toys are relatively inexpensive, so you can afford to go for the best.