Anal Sex Toys - Your anal sex toys checklist

Check the quality


First, check that your anal sex toys have no rough edges, no sharp, pointed parts and that the product is made from a solid, washable material. You do not want to have a situation where a sex toy breaks while you are using it.

Check the material


Next, be picky about your choice of material. It's very important because toys for butt play must always be sterilised after use. Even if you cannot see it, there is going to be potentially harmful bacteria on your sex toy after play, so they must be boiled with some detergent for no less than four minutes. That means the material must be capable of withstanding boiling. Stainless steel, tempered glass, stone and silicone are fine, jelly is not because it will not be possible to boil it and it will retain bacteria.

Check the design


Because you are inserting anal sex toys, you need to ensure that the base of the toy is flared so that it cannot be fully inserted. It can and has happened that a prostate stimulating tool has become stuck or lost inside the anal cavity, and that means an embarrassing and painful visit to the A & E department of a hospital to get the toy extracted. Also, toys with a vibrator can become stuck in the on position, and the motor can start to overheat. Make sure your anal sex toys have a base or proper handle.

Check the lube

You cannot use butt prostate massagers without a good quality water based lube because the anus produces no lubrication of its own. The toy and your anus need to be kept slick and slippery through the session in order to insert, stimulate and comfortably remove sex toys. There are a wide range of anal sex lubes on the market, as well as specialist products to help relax the sphincter muscles to help make insertion easier and more pleasurable. A butt massage session without lube is uncomfortable and you run the risk of the toy getting stuck inside you.