The changing views on Anal Sex Toys for Men

Most guys still believe that anal sex toys for men are something strictly for gay men and not straight guys. It's true to say a lot of straight men still won't consider anything to do with male anal massaging toys, but among the more sexually aware, broad minded guys, the outlook is changing. In recent years, sex toy shops have reported a significant increase in the uptake of adult anal toys, not only for gay men but also several straight men women and couples.

In the world of straight sex, the anus has been largely avoided and ignored, long considered to be forbidden territory. The moral view since medieval times is that it is sinful to indulge in any sex relating to the anus. Indeed, acts of sodomy were punishable by torture and a death sentence, and homosexual sex of this kind remained illegal in Britain until 1967.

All that has changed forever; guys both gay and straight have discovered that the anus is the gateway to the most powerful sexual gland in the male body; the prostate, and manufacturers, led by Aneros and the Mangasm range of prostate massagers have been quick to develop a range of anal sex toys for men.

Of course prostate massage is far from new, but every generation likes to believe it invented sex, and the prostate massager is certainly an efficient and new male butt sex toy invention that does the job beautifully.

The prostate massager is designed to slip inside the anus comfortably with water based lubed. The stem is narrow and stimulates the nerve endings at the entrance to the anus, while the large angled head puts pressure on the prostate and rubs it up and down. In addition, many of these male prostate stimulators have a P-tab that can be tucked into the perineum - located between the anus and the testicles. The result is some of the most incredible orgasms a man can have, without having to use his hands.