Anal Toys - Anal play is on the up

Mangasm Flux - Anal beadsMany sexually adventurous men and couples are now discovering a rippling raft of pleasure from anal toys and anal play.

Not surprisingly, in less time than it takes your sphincter muscles to contract, a whole new market has opened up. Anal play is the hottest game in town. The arsenal of new rear end sexual toys with which to pleasure the anus include butt plugs from the modest to the humongous in a range of materials including silicone, stone, glass, jelly and stainless steel.

Anal beads, which are introduced one by one into the anus and then pulled out to enhance climax are also proving extremely popular. However some of the bestsellers are those anal toys that massage the prostate and the perineum.

Of course the prostate and the perineum have always been there, but men, even heterosexual men, are now discovering a whole new world of sexual excitement with a range of prostate massagers that simultaneously excite the perineum.

In case these two erogenous zones are not familiar to you, the prostate is located approximately two inches inside the anus, a chestnut sized gland tucked just under the bladder. When it is massaged it produces intense sexual sensations, enhance by the perineum, a cluster of nerves between the anus and the testicles.

Exploring these two pleasure centers with a quality butt massaging toy both at the same time can result in what is known as the super orgasm, a multiple orgasm for men, which comes in waves and is one of the most intense sexual experiences a man can have.

With the intensity such a session of massage produces, it's hardly surprising that word has spread and that prostate stimulating toys are the new must try. Unlike sex toys devoted to pleasuring the penis, anal toys and anal play break a centuries old taboo.

Since medieval times it has been preached that any pleasure derived in and of the anus is the work of the devil, or the debauched playground of homosexuals. It's only in the past twenty years that enlightenment has come with the discovery that massaging the prostate is not only highly pleasurable but also excellent for health.