What anal toys can do for a guy


Anal toys, when used properly, can give a guy some of the most intense orgasms that he has ever experienced. There are a number of reasons for this. Some are physical, and others are psychological. One of the things that happens when you are using toys on your anus is that you feel very dirty, or taboo. The fact that you are doing something that “you aren’t supposed to” heightens the sexual experience. Remember when you were younger and you started having sex for the first time? You felt like you were finally doing something that was forbidden, and it was amazing. With time, you got used to being able to have sex, and it got a bit more boring.

Sure, sex still feels great, even though you know you aren’t going to get in any trouble for doing it. But if you could go back to having that experience of doing something that was forbidden, things would be a lot more intense. This is why a lot of guys like to fuck their wives or girlfriends in the ass. It isn’t a normal part of intercourse, and when you do it you feel like you have passed some sort of taboo line. You feel like you are doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing. You know that it feels good, and usually your partner does too, but you know that it isn’t within the normally acceptable lines of things that people do on a regular basis. Anal toys for guys are a lot like that.

You see, when you use rectal massage tools, you are doing something that you know you aren’t “supposed” to be doing. But there really isn’t anything wrong with it. But there is a secret to using these toys that only the bravest guys will ever learn. When you use them, you will stimulate your prostate gland. When you do that, you are going to have intense orgasms beyond your wildest dreams. So, why does this happen? Well, this is the physical component of using these toys.

When you stimulate the prostate gland, it goes into over drive. There is a huge excess of fluid produced. Within just a few minutes you will feel like you are filled to the brim, and your balls will be ready to explode. When your white hot spunk bursts forth from your rod, it will feel like it is never going to stop. During a normal orgasm, you can expect two or three spurts, and then a couple of pumps that only dribble. But with a prostate orgasm, it will seem like the bursts just keep coming. I shoot many streams of sperm all over my wife, and she absolutely loves it.

Before I had tried this out for myself, I had seen a porn video that was impressive. It was a compilation of facials, all from the same guy. I was impressed. He produced a lot of spunk with each and every blast. I had no idea how he was able to do it, and I was envious. After I Started experimenting with these toys and was able to have these huge orgasms, I realized what was going on. He was using anal prostate stimulators. When he had his orgasms, they were huge, because the prostate gland was full of semen.

Now that I know the secret to great orgasms, I am always using these toys. I actually can’t imagine going back to having orgasms without them. That isn’t to imply that my regular orgasms are ruined – they’re actually better because the prostate is stronger. But the orgasms are just so intense with the anal toys I purchased from Mangasm.com.