Anal Toys for Men - Safe anal sex play

ID Glide Lube 2.2 ozIf you are one of the many guys who have decided to see what all the fuss is about with regards to male anal sex play, follow these few basic guidelines:

Plenty of lube

The first thing to understand is that your anus has no natural lubrication of its own, so whatever you decide to insert in there, be it anal toys for men, or your own exploratory finger, you need to have a good quality water based lube both on the object you are inserting, and around the entrance to you anus. You also need to keep replenishing the supply of lube to the area so as to keep everything moving and slipping and sliding smoothly. The last thing you want is for an object to get stuck up there.

Good design

Most good quality male anal sex play toys will be perfectly designed for exploring the inner realms of your anus, and will have no pointy bits or rough edges - this is very important. The membrane within the rectum can tear easily and cause problems so you need to be careful with whatever you insert in there. You also need to be certain that prostate butt toys for men have a flared base so that they cannot become fully inserted and get stuck - this has happened more often than you can imagine! Choose good quality anal sex play toys for men, and opt for a recognised brand with a good reputation to uphold.

Good hygiene

If you are inserting your fingers or you have a partner to do it, always ensure you use a well lubed latex glove. Trim nails so there are no points or rough edges. Always use gloves because tiny invisible articles of bacteria can lodge themselves between your fingernails and they can easily spread germs. Good hygiene during anal play is essential. Dispense with latex gloves after each session, and clean any surfaces that you have come into contact with. If you are using male anal toys, always disinfect them afterwards by boiling them in hot water with a disinfectant for at least four minutes. For this reason, the male anal stimulating toys you use should be of a non porous material such as tempered glass, stainless steel, silicone, stone etc. There are jelly male anal toys but they are more difficult to disinfect.

Remember these basic rules and anal stimulation will be much safer and more enjoyable.