A great way to get Anal With Toys

Not content with a mere butt plug, a lot of guys, mainly gay, but some straight, have discovered an exciting new way to get anal with toys. The inflatable butt plug can be inserted as a small toy, and then steadily expanded inside the anal cavity to become a big and satisfying toy that can be easily controlled, and inflated or deflated at leisure. Because they are small and can grow larger, they are a great option for playful prostate stimulation.

Here are some of the top anal with toys choices when it comes to inflatable butt plugs:

Ultimate Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

The ultra stretchy butt plug gently inflates to an impressive 15cm diameter for added prostate massaging satisfaction! When inflated the butt plug adds the perfect amount of pressure and added sensations to the prostate for the most earth-shattering and unforgettable climax imaginable! Then you can power up the multi-speed vibrations to send incredible vibes through your body.

Fat Boy Inflatable Dildo

It start out modestly enough but this toy can expand to 7 inches once it's inserted, and as you pump it just keeps getting fatter - hence the name. A great way to start getting anal with toys.

Cock Locker Inflatable Medium Butt Plug

This butt plug can expand to a circumference of 4 inches which should be more than enough for most. Cock Locker is one of the UK's leading online sex stores, and they know more than most about getting male butt toys.

Doc Johnson Gapers Inflatable Butt Plug

A quality inflatable butt plug from sex toy giants Doc Johnson. It comes in a dark pink finish.. Measuring in at 4.5inces in circumference and 5 inches in height to begin with, this inflatable butt plug can stretch to a massive 13 inch circumference and just over 6 inches in length.