The Major Difference between Prostate Toys and Anal Sex Toys

There has been a lot of media attention on the male “G-spot” recently. This area is located in the prostate gland area of the body and similar to the female version, it can trigger powerful orgasms in a man. But the headlines have also focused attention on men’s health, especially prostate health and what men can do to protect and support this important part of their manhood. Prostate toys have been developed to help adult men give their prostate gland the stimulation it needs to function properly. Although these devices are sometimes called “anal sex toys” there is a big difference in the way these two items are designed.


Looking at the prostate toys offered by Mangasm the first thing you notice is the curved head and shape where many anal sex toys are straight in their design. The curved head of the prostate toys allows it to fit snugly into the area that is the home of the male G-spot. Anal sex toys that are designed in a long, straight form such as a dildo, dong or butt plug will miss this area completely. Some of these devices may actually do more harm than good just because they are not shaped similar to the area of the body where they will be used.


This major difference makes the prostate toys the most effective in delivering the stimulation that benefits the prostate gland. Although there are anal vibrators, they too miss the mark to provide the stimulation that produces the results you need to stimulate semen production. In addition to their shape, many of these toys are made from extremely rigid materials that don’t respond to the movement of the body or muscle contractions.


Compare this to the flexible material that is used to create the prostate toys which follows the natural shape of your anal region and responds to your muscle contractions and the benefits become even clearer. By using prostate toys you get the best of both worlds; highly effective prostate massage action which stimulates semen production for a high quality ejaculation along with powerful stimulation of the male G-spot for mind-blowing orgasms.


Now instead of making a trip to your doctor for a prostate massage, you can use one of the eight models of prostate toys available on the Mangasm website. These devices have several safety features and come with complete usage instructions. Along with a selection of lubricants and other sex devices you will find the full specifications about the design and its safety features.


Give yourself the benefits that come from the consistent use of the prostate toys designed to work with your body to enhance your sexual enjoyment as well as improve your sexual health. Click on the banner above to get started.