What’s Up with Anal Toys for Guys?


There are plenty of anal toys out there, but only a select few are designed with the male anatomy in mind. Understanding what a prostate orgasm is will be incredibly helpful if you are trying to determine whether or not you are looking at a toy designed with guys in mind. These toys are generally available only from a few, select shops and manufacturers, and it can be tough to find them at your local sex shop.


In this article, you will come to understand the following:


  • Why the anal toys for guys are different from others
  • Where to find anal toys that are just for guys
  • How to take care of your male anal toys


So, why is it that normal toys just won’t work for guys? The prostate gland, which is what you want to stimulate when playing with a guys ass, is located on the top of the anal cavity. It is protected by a thin layer of tissue, and only requires a slight bit of pressure for stimulation. This technique can also be known as prostate milking, or prostate massage. Sometimes, you might hear about stimulating the gland to improve the health of the guy, as well as reducing his risk of prostate cancer. This is because stale fluid stored in the prostate can increase the risk of prostate cancer, and prostate stimulation helps to fully evacuate the prostate.


These toys need to be different, because in order to stimulate them, you need a bulbous tip that applies a certain amount of pressure after being inserted in the cavity. You may also expect that some guys are hesitant to put a larger toy up their butt, which is true. So these toys tend to be a bit on the small side when compared to other toys.


There are also a number of places that you may look for these toys, only to end up disappointed. There are literally tens of thousands of different sex toys, all of which might easily be confused for a prostate toy. Thankfully, you know to look for a toy that is designed to stimulate the gland on the top of the anus, with a bulb or “j” shaped tip. Make sure you are not looking at a vibrator designed for women.


You are in luck, though, as you can find some of the best toys for sale directly by their manufacturer. For instance, the Mangasm brand of toys, designed specifically for prostate stimulation, has a shop that sells these toys. They clearly differentiate between any toys that are designed for stimulation of any part of the body besides the prostate. They are also some of the most popular toys in the male community.


So after you get your toy, how are you going to take care of it? Well, this is pretty easy! Simply clean the toy with lukewarm, soapy water before and after each use. You clean it before use to make sure you don’t put any dust up your butt, and you clean it afterwards for obvious reasons. Failure to clean the toy promptly can not only make it more difficult to get all of the gunk off of it, but it can increase the likelihood that harmful bacteria (such as e. coli) builds up on the toy. Play it safe and just clean it up as soon as you are done.


When you get started with one of these toys, you are going to experience the best orgasm imaginable. Grab one or more male anal toys and get started with the sexual journey of a lifetime.