Prostate Massage: A New Dimension of Male Pleasure

By the time most guys are in their 20s, they assume that they’ve learned most of what there is to know about sex. By that age most sexually active guys have tried most every sexual position out there and even tried various different masturbation techniques. However, most guys haven’t tried the sensual technique of massaging their prostate. Prostate massage is a unique sexual technique that can provide some of the most amazing pleasure that a man can experience. Does that sound like something you’d like to try? Then read on to learn more.

Most men are aware that they have a prostate gland, but they don’t really know what purpose it serves. For a lot of guys, the only interaction they have with prostate stimulation is having their doctor check it for cancer or other problems when they get older. Fortunately, the prostate isn’t all about the problems that can come with it – there’s a good side to this gland as well. The prostate gland plays a very important role in a man’s sexual functions.

The main job of the male prostate is to produce seminal fluid. When the prostate is stimulated through prostate massage, it kicks the production of this fluid into overdrive. The end result of this is more explosive orgasms that are bigger and more satisfying. What’s not to like about that?

The thing about prostate massage is that actually performing the massage can be a little bit trickier than it might seem. While it’s possible to stimulate the prostate gland from outside of your body, this isn’t nearly as effective as doing it internally. To perform an outer prostate stimulation, you have to rub the perineum – the patch of skin between the scrotum and the anal opening. The prostate rests just on the other side of the perineum, so you can massage it from this angle.

The simplest way to perform stimulate the prostate is to use a toy that’s designed for it, such as one of the Mangasm toys. These unique men’s sex toys are designed to make prostate stimulation easy for men of all experience levels. Even if you had no idea what the prostate was before this, you can use a prostate toy to quickly master the technique and enjoy massaging your prostate.

There are several exciting models in the Mangasm product line. You can go with something basic like the Mangasm Alpha, or you can try one of the many vibrating models for an even more intense experience. Try a few different models and explore all the different sensations of prostate play. If you’re ready to change your sex life forever, buying one of these toys is the first step.