Have you discovered the Best Male Orgasm yet?

Perhaps until now you have been perfectly happy with the orgasms you have been enjoying through sex or through masturbation. Probably you have never thought about the possibility of exploring any other kind of orgasm, and did not know that such a thing even existed. You are not alone. A great many guys have no idea that the secret to an amazing orgasm is not via the penis, but via the prostate. And to achieve the best male orgasm, you do not even have to touch the penis, although it is entirely optional.

Prostate massage is nothing new, it has been practiced for centuries, but it may well be new to you. That's because in general, male sexuality is not openly discussed in schools or in college. It's just something that guys like to get on with by themselves without talking about it. They may discuss the merits of a woman's body in specific detail, but usually, they don't like to discuss how they achieve the best masculine orgasmic experience.

To achieve the best male orgasm requires privacy and, if desired, a trusting partner. The prostate is located two inches inside the anus, at the root of the penis, just under the bladder. As you probe your anus you will feel a small hard bump. This is the prostate gland. Gentle pressure applied on this area can have powerful orgasmic effects.

You can reach the prostate gland with your finger, but if you massage the prostate with a purpose designed anal sex toy such as the Mangasm prostate massager, you will experience the ultimate sexual orgasm of your life. In fact, it is so powerful, it can be compared to the female multiple orgasm. It isn't an ejaculatory orgasm, although you may release seminal fluid, it is an orgasm that occurs throughout your body and can come in waves.

It's called the best male orgasm because it is something like a sexual earthquake in comparison to a mere earth tremor. Definitely worth investigating!