Why use a safe word with big anal toys?

One of the allures of big anal toys is the fact that you can simulate “forcing” your partner into accepting something much larger than normally used. Of course, there is always the chance for mild discomfort and slight pain, which is a part of the allure of this type of fantasy. If you are really playing out the fantasy, your partner may even ask you to “stop.” Using a safe word can help you know the difference between pleas that are a part of the role playing and a real wish to stop.

In this article, you will understand:

1. Why to use a safe word with big anal toys
2. How to choose a safe word for huge butt stimulators
3. Two types of safe words for large prostate massagers

Of course, if you have never experienced this type of fantasy before, you may be curious how you can tell the difference between your partner’s real desire to stop and his or her role playing. The best way to do this is with a safe word. The safe word should be a phrase that you are unlikely to say during your sexual encounter, like “banana milkshake” or “hot pickle juice.” While these words may be silly, they will help to break the fantasy up and let you and your partner communicate.

Since a normal part of the fantasy of using extra large rectal toys is that you want to “force” your partner to take more than he or she is capable of, then you also want him or he to beg you to stop throughout the process. He or she should also say things like “This is too much,” “I can’t take anymore,” and “please stop.” If you have a safe word, then you can safely play out these types of fantasies but also know when your partner is really experiencing too much.

Having two types of safe words allows you to also identify the difference between “take it easier,” and “stop completely.” For instance, if your first safe word is “banana milkshake” and your partner says this during your session, you know that you may continue, but that you should be gentler for at least a few moments. If he or she shouts “hot pickle juice,” you know that the game is over and that you should stop completely.

Choosing your own safe words and discussing them before the session is essential, especially if you are going to really play through the whole domination fantasy. It is really important that both partners clearly understand what each safe word indicates. If you have never discussed this with your partner before, show him or her this article so that you can get started.

Using safe words will really allow you to take your fantasy to the extreme. If your partner has indicated that he or she wants to be dominated in this way, then taking this safety precaution will allow you to either fully submit or to fully dominate him or her with no risk of misunderstanding role playing and real requests to stop.

Of course, this sort of play isn’t for everyone, and if you aren’t comfortable giving it a try you shouldn’t consent to it. This type of dominating role play can become pretty rough, and using larger toys should only be done by those who are experienced.

Hopefully you have learned something new and can take your fantasies to the next level. Using big anal toys can really take the sexual encounter to the next level, so get ready for some new kinds of fun.