Male Anal Toy: Which Type Do You Prefer

Anal BeadsAnal play is something that most straight men don’t really care to try. They’re more than happy to have anal sex with a woman, but they generally think that only gay men should be on the receiving end of anal sex. What most don’t realize is that anal stimulation actually is actually more intense for men than it is for women, because it involves two different levels of pleasure. Despite the taboos attached to it, anal stimulation is something that more straight guys should be interested in.

As noted above, there are two different types of pleasure for men engaging in anal stimulation. The first comes from the anus itself. The anus is naturally very sensitive, and when the anal sphincter stretches it causes a pleasurable sensation. When most people think about anal pleasure, this is what they’re thinking of.

However, men also can receive pleasure from the prostate. This is a small chestnut-sized gland located a couple of inches inside the rectal cavity. This gland is often stimulated during anal penetration, even if unintentionally. The prostate actually provides more pleasure than simple anal stimulation. For that reason, there are toys specifically focused on stimulating the prostate instead of just the anus.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to buying a male anal toy. Most men who are just beginning to explore anal play choose a simple anal dildo as their first masculine prostate sex toy. While these male anal toys can get the job done, they aren’t as good as some other options because they don’t provide much prostate stimulation.

Some better choices for a first male prostate massager might be anal beads or butt plugs. These toys are both designed to be inserted and then left in, as opposed to the thrusting in and out that is done with anal dildo toys. Additionally, these toys tend to have thicker parts that are great at massaging the prostate while the toy is inserted.

What may be the best male anal toy, however, is the prostate massager. This type of toy resembles a dildo with a curved head. While a butt plug or set of anal beads may put some pleasurable pressure on the prostate, a prostate massage toy is designed specifically for the purpose of prostate stimulation. The curved head of one of these toys rests directly on the prostate once the toy is inserted, providing constant and focused prostate stimulation.

Every man should add a prostate massager toy to his sex toy collection. If you aren’t sure where to go to get good quality prostate toys, try They offer a variety of prostate toys with a variety of great features and designs.