Choosing the right male or female adult anal sex toy

When you first learned about using an adult anal sex toy, it was probably in the context of enhancing the pleasure of your female partner. As time went on and you continued to study the art of sexual gratification, you probably also learned that a male can experience enhanced levels of pleasure with a specially designed toy. Understanding the difference between these two categories of toy can help you get the right one for your goals.


In this article you will learn:

  1. What makes a proper adult anal sex toy for a woman
  2. What differentiates toys designed just for men


When choosing your toy, the best thing you can do is to make sure you are choosing one that will help you provide the type of stimulation you are looking for. The biggest difference between the male and female anal cavity is the prostate gland. Women do not have this gland. It is like the female g-spot. It is stimulated in virtually the same way, and it is located at about the same depth inside the anus as it would be inside the female’s vagina.


An adult anal sex toy designed for female pleasure is quite different, because it does not take the male anatomy into consideration. Most of these toys are designed to stimulate the anus by girth and depth alone. These toys may feature vibrating functions, and are generally similar to sex toys designed for vaginal use. Some toys designed exclusively for anal stimulating include the butt plug and anal beads. Both of these toys rely on stretching the sphincter and filling the anus, helping to result in a more powerful contraction during orgasm.


While these same toys can provide the same type of stimulation for a man, they are often not designed with prostate stimulation in mind. Since prostate stimulation is the ultimate goal of any male anal play, these toys are virtually useless. When using a toy designed explicitly for men, it is much easier to stimulate the prostate and result in the experience and orgasm that is expected of the stimulation.


Male anal toys will generally have a different shape when compared to female oriented toys, too. They are generally designed with simpler penetration in mind, as well as a bulbous tip on the head. This bulb is designed to apply the right style and amount of pressure on the prostate gland, which will result in increased production of seminal fluid, slower release of that fluid (longer orgasm) and a more powerful shot of ejaculate.


Identifying these toys is quite easy. They are rarely confused with female toys, as the shape would not result in the type of stimulation designed for a woman. They are generally marketed specifically as male toys, too. In some cases, though, there may be a shop that has lumped all of the toys together. It is in your best interest to avoid purchasing items from a shop that is unable to differentiate between male and female toys.


One of the most popular brands as of 2011 is the Mangasm line of prostate stimulators. These toys are all designed and tested with men in mind, and feature some of the hottest innovations in the prostate stimulation market. While there are some other popular brands, few are as committed to innovation as the Mangasm company.


When you decide you are ready to purchase your anal sex toy, make sure you look for one that is designed for the appropriate gender. Having a male adult anal sex toy and a female version will allow for some interesting cooperative anal play.