Choosing The Best Prostate Massage Toy for You

What do you want to achieve with your prostate massage toy? Most guys aim for prostate stimulation with the least amount of stretching. But how do you know which toy is right for you? If you have never put anything more than a finger in your ass, it can be tough to gauge how much you can safely (and comfortably) take. Reading this article will help, but of course, the best thing is experimentation.

In this article, you will learn the following things:

1. Why is a prostate massage toy safer than the fingering method?
2. How to choose the right male anal sex toy that is appropriate for your style of use
3. What massage toy you can turn to when you are ready for something different

Of course, each guy will have a different comfort level when it comes to using these toys. When you have only had a bit of experience limited to just a finger, every toy is bound to look like a torpedo ready to blow your ass apart. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Even if you start out with a toy that is far larger than what you are comfortable with, using lots of lube will make it super easy (and virtually painless) when inserting these toys.

But why is it that these masculine prostate stimulators are safer than using your finger? Well, when you use your finger it is possible to put too much pressure on the gland. This can damage it and cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as well as a trip to the ER. When you use a toy, it is almost impossible to have this happen, due to the intelligent design of these toys.

They are designed to stimulate the prostate as soon as they are inserted, with the need for only very small amounts of pressure. When using a properly designed prostate toy, you would have to intentionally try to hurt yourself if you were to experience any damage at all.

So, how do you know which toy is right for you? Well there are plenty of different toys out there. Starting off with at toy like the Mangasm buzz will give you the opportunity to start off with a smaller toy that can also be used as a vibrator. The vibrations add an extra layer of sensation to the prostate massage, meaning you can experience an orgasm that is far better than traditional stimulation.

After you get used to having things of this size in your ass, you may want to move on to something larger. The simple fact is that the stimulation of having a large object slip through your sphincter is quite nice. Guys don’t want to admit this freely, but once they experience it, they know it to be true.

So moving on to a bigger toy might provide that extra level of pleasure that you are looking for. But there is actually a toy that can make things even more interesting. It is really only for the most adventurous sexual explorers, though.

The toy is the mangasm Electro. This toy uses two batteries to provide mild electrical pulses that stimulate the prostate “from the inside out.” It causes the prostate to contract and pulsate “on its own” and is very different than the traditional, pressure-based prostate stimulation you are probably used to.

Just look around and see what is available, and make sure it is a proper prostate toy. When it comes time to choosing the right prostate massage toy for you, it’s hard to get it wrong.