Gay anal toys can turn things hot and steamy in the bedroom

Whether you are a top or a bottom, using gay anal toys can turn the experience in the bedroom form hot to hotter. Try using a toy while you are inside of your guy for one of the biggest, juiciest orgasms that you could ever have. Look, a dick in the ass feels great, doesn’t it? And having a nice, tight little butt hole squeezing your meat while you plunge away is amazing. But when you use a prostate stimulator, things are going to get a lot more intense than you thought.

You see, the penis can’t stimulate the prostate gland like gay anal toys can. Sure, it feels great. But it isn’t shaped right to press on the prostate gland in the right way. If you haven’t tried prostate stimulation before, then you are definitely missing out. So stick with me for a minute while I tell you about a few of the toys that my guy and I really love using any time we get down and dirty. At the end, I’ll tell you where you can get them without spending a fortune – we know how expensive gay sex toys can be!

The first of the homosexual sex toys you should look at is the Mangasm spark. This kinky little boy has a nice, smooth shaft, and seven little prongs that will rub your taint while you are getting sucked off or plunging deep into the depths of his back door. Within just a few minutes you will be pushed to orgasm and when you finally cum you will shoot more goo than you knew your body could produce. I have been using this toy for about three months, and believe me, it never gets boring.

The next toy that you should check out is the Voyager. This is a great toy, and I actually have two of them. I love lying on the bed with my boyfriend and jacking myself off while using the male g-spot toy. Watching him do the same is a huge turn on. It doesn’t take too long until we switch to a sixty nine and get each other off with our mouths. Using a toy like this produces a huge amount of cum, so if you aren’t thirsty, you better watch out.

Both of these toys are sold at, and there are a few reasons I recommend you buy all of your gay toys there. For one, they always provide discreet shipping. You know how important it is to make sure that your special gay packages aren’t shouting to the world that you are a gay man. If you don’t want the mail man to know, then the discreet shipping is great.

They also regularly provide small discounts for guys who want to save a bit of money. And who doesn’t love a great sale? Of course, if you like to blow lots of money, you don’t have to put the promo code in the special little box at checkout, but then I would think you are a crazy chicken head! Make sure you save your cash!

They also have a great selection of heterosexual and homosexual toys. There are about a dozen different prostate stimulators that you can choose from, whether you are interested in something small and cute, like the alpha, or a really wild toy like the electro, which will stimulate your prostate with gentle electrical pulses. You can’t go wrong with their selection!

If you two boys want to have a great time in the bedroom like me and my man, then you need to take a look at the gay anal toys sold on right now!